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for2pool review
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The mining pools are groups of mining equipment connected to the same network to add their data processing capacity (hash), using this processing power, the mining groups solve blockchain blocks of a cryptocurrency and distribute the reward obtained in proportional parts (depending on the power delivered) among its miners. In this review, we will analyze F2Pool, one of the oldest mining-pool in the sector.

History of F2Pool

Founded in Beijing (China) in April 2013, it has expanded its territory to expand into the United States, Canada, Singapore, Russia and other countries around the world.

This mining-pool currently has more than 40 cryptocurrencies available for mining, including Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], Litecoin [LTC], Decreed [DCR], or Grin [GRIN], being one of the largest groups in the world for BTC, LTC, ETH and ZEC.

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Registration in F2Pool

To use the F2Pool mining platform, a registration is not necessary, except if you want to mine BTC, ETH or GRIN, in these cases it will be necessary. To create an account, you have to access the website https://www.f2pool.com/user/signup and enter the requested data. Once this is done, you should only request the sending of the SMS code to verify the phone number entered. Once the process is finished, a verification email will be sent to activate the account and the registration process will be finished.

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Services offered


The beginning in the practice of cryptocurrency mining can be complicated if you do not have a guide that indicates the steps to follow, in that aspect F2Pool offers its users a complete list of guides for mining the different cryptocurrencies available in the pool.

In addition to these mining tutorials, they add others of great utility such as: Registration in the platform, the preparation of software for the mining of GPU cards or how to choose a miner, among others.

F2Pool support

The support team is one of the fundamental pilars for a project to go ahead, since the doubts, questions and problems of the users must be solved satisfactorily, otherwise the users, angry about the lack of assistance, would leave the platform. They would share their bad experience and make the image of the brand plummet.

From CryptoEconomy we have had the opportunity to first-hand experience the quality of F2Pool support service and we have nothing but good words for this department, since the platform they have solved all queries in a fast and efficient way.

F2Pool Coins

In this section you will know the hashrate that has the platform for the different cryptocurrencies that can be mined in it, the algorithm they use, the production of PoW in the last 24 hours, or the supply that the cryptocurrency is missing because of mining.

If you need more specific data on the mining of a specific cryptocurrency, you just have to click on the desired currency and access more detailed information.

URL: https://www.f2pool.com/coins

Popular miners

Making a comparison to know which miner is more profitable is a mandatory investigation before starting the cryptocurrency mining, from this section F2Pool offers detailed information about ASIC Miners, GPU Miners and Multiple Algorithm miners, where you can know your Hashrate, energy that consumes, the income every 24h, the cost of electricity, etc. So you can know if it’s worth it or not to make an investment to start with the mining of the chosen cryptocurrency.

URL: https://www.f2pool.com/miners

F2Pool APP

Thanks to this F2Pool mobile application, available for iOs and Android, you can control and configure the status of your mining, verify your current data, hashrate and income from anywhere.

App Guide: https://blog.f2pool.com/en/mining-tutorial-en/app_guide_en


Each currency has a few commissions and a minimum withdrawal, to see the complete list you can access the following link, https://blog.f2pool.com/en/faq-en/the-threshold-for-each-coin

According to the platform, payments are made automatically (provided that the minimum withdrawal amount has been reached) at 00.00 UTC, if for any reason you need to make a withdrawal less than the minimum necessary, you should contact the technical support service.


Due to its seniority, its trajectory and its support to the user, F2Pool is a mining platform totally recommended for anyone who wants to enter the world of mining.

Although the tutorials are detailed step by step, and the images of the mimes contain the text in Chinese, all of them have annotations in English to facilitate the work to the rest of users.

If you want more information visit their official channels:

Website: https://www.f2pool.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/f2pool/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/F2Pool_Official

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/99PNsWh

Telegram: https://t.me/F2Pool_en


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