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In the universe of cryptocurrency operations, exchanges have become platforms of indispensable use. Without them the development of the new generation economy based on cryptocurrency would be incomplete. In this opportunity we will talk about the important step that one of the main exchanges is taking with the launch of its own crowdsale; we refer to EXMO.

EXMO is a consolidated cryptocurrency exchange platform, with almost 5 years old, prosperous and profitable with more than 1,000,000 registered users and leaders in the cryptocurrency exchange sector in Europe.

EXMO is a universal investment platform that allows its users to operate among them using several cryptocurrencies, in addition to fiduciary money. The business model of EXMO was created to allow users to buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies easily without the need for intermediaries.

They recently announced the launch of the EXMO Coin (EXO) crowdsale to support their project to add the Loan Margin service to their exchange platform, which will allow operators to obtain more about currency fluctuations by lending additional funds.

To cover the demand of merchants for margin loans, in addition to making a general improvement of the platform, EXMO will attract additional investment capital by launching its first tokens called EXMO Coins (EXO). EXMO is launching this new service, which is focused on increasing the profits of its investors with additional fees to use the borrowed funds. The margin loan service will increase the popularity of the platform and, as a result, the profits from the operations will also increase.

EXMO has significant advantages over its competitors that must be taken in mind: It offers margins loans in 2 fiduciary currencies (USD RUB); It has more than four years of experience trading cryptocurrencies; It provides easy access to the loan service; It is the leader in the ECA markets; Returns the money of the rates according to the volume of the negotiations; and Offers Ex-code service.

One of the key features of the EXO token is its correlation with the operation of the EXMO platform. They are continuously developing the project and adding new services to the existing ones in the platform. This allows to notice that there are no risks associated with investing in the project. The existing active platform is their guarantee of the stable development of the project. Token holders receive EXO currencies as tokens, and their value is correlated with the exchange rates of other currencies on the EXMO exchange platform. EXMO guarantees the purchase of the token. After the Crowdsale, the EXO token will be marketed in the EXMO exchange.

Few exchanges of cryptocurrencies offer trading margins that allow users to borrow funds from each other to trade on a larger scale. Exmo, for its part, is establishing a dedicated margin loan fund, thanks to the investment attracted during the crowdsale, so that customers can trade more by borrowing additional funds on their existing balance.

50% of the proceeds of the margin loans will be distributed among the tokens holders on a monthly basis in the form of dividends. It is an advantage that EXMO competitors do not have until now.

The crowdsale will take place from April 26 to May 26, 2018.

A project with global endorsement advisers: Desmond Marshall

Desmond Marshall, founder and CEO of Rouge Ventures, famous for being a preeminent investment and strategic company in Asia, which collaborates with numerous Fortune 500 companies, several governments and several Fintech global companies, joins the EXMO advisory team Coin crowdsale, contributing more than 20 years of strategic experience and commercial success to the project.

Desmond Marshall is an accomplished public speaker on the latest commercial and investment trends, a famous television spokesperson for various financial television programs, a columnist, a government adviser and guest speaker at numerous private and public seminars.

As a global pioneer in the Fintech sector, Desmond Marshall has a deep understanding of how investors and companies should operate in the new technological era if they want to establish mutual trust. As there are dozens of ICOs that appear every day, investors should always consider all the risks related to the development of the projects in which they invest.

Desmond stresses in a recent interview regarding ICOs that its popularity, although it is basically a new way of raising capital, comes out of the possibility to invest in fractions of the offered token, making them much more accessible and therefore attracting a whole new group of small investors like young people or IT professionals.

According to him, one of the key features of the EXO token is its correlation with the EXMO exchange performance, which is already a profitable and prosperous business. Therefore, there are far fewer risks associated with investing in the EXMO project, and Desmond Marshall will certainly help to fully showcase the advantages of this crowdsale to the crypto community. “If the company has a solid business, stable and growing number of customers, and good profits, these are all extremely good factors for providing more funds for even more explosive growth” said Desmond, who also pointed out that as a long-term investor he always takes into account the time that a company has been operating since it is an indicator of the human effort invested in the project.

In relation to existing exchanges, the investor highlights what´s interesting of investing now in new cryptocurrencies since it has become a common phenomenon: one day they are in a relatively low position and the next day they are in the top 5 of capitalization. However underlines the need to regulate the use of bots by these exchanges to prevent manipulations and non-objective alterations in the prices.

Desmond Marshall also receive as positive the news of the implementation of margin trading operations by the EXMO exchange since this will also attract professional investors providing more liquidity to the platform.

To know more about this crowdsale, you can check their White paper, and join their Telegram channel.


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