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Blockchain technology is being applied to almost every area of ​​everyday life and business with increasing acceptance. This is the case of EventChain  and the entertainment industry, about which we will talk about this occasion.

The EventChain project will be launched to develop a SmartTickets system for events based on a blockchain decentralized platform, where SmartTickets will have special properties detailed and contained in smart contracts that are not available in any traditional ticketing system.

EventChain will develop a decentralized modular SmartTicketing network supported by a peer to peer platform. These SmartTickets will be processed in transactions in the decentralized EventChain token network built on the Ethereum block chain, which will be protected against fraud and will prevent malicious attacks against the network.

EventChain will solve many of the problems with the current event ticketing systems available today, while providing the additional benefits of using a block chain as a basis. Both the EventChain system and its tokens (“EVC Tokens”) will encourage everyone in the ecosystem, including all naturally interested parties such as event and concert event managers, party organizers, social clubs and tickets to sell or buy SmartTickets using EVC Tokens and other traditional payment methods.

EventChain will provide solutions for the following issues in the event ticket sales industry:

Ticket Concerns: Tickets will be difficult to resell with undeniable proof that the ticket is an authentic original ticket. With these, you will prevent the resale of unauthorized and even counterfeit tickets.

Ticket resale issues: SmartTickets are fully programmable, allowing the smart contract code that can designate a maximum markup value. To avoid scalpers’ bulk purchase of tickets, event ticket distribution options can be customized with any custom range of the number of tickets available to individual users or groups.

Other issues: Pre-sale ticket offers are often not transparent. The use of the Ethereum block chain as a basis brings a greater level of accountability, scalability and fungibility of transactions to the event ticket sales industry

Website Issues: Large volumes of ticket buyers can simultaneously flood an event ticket sales website when tickets are launched and often overload and complicate a ticket system. Because the EventChain transaction framework is decentralized, the purchase of tickets will not be limited to the EventChain website and to mobile applications. The Distributed Platform EventChain will extract information from the Ethereum block chain and verify it through the validation of distributed nodes worldwide.

The Leadership Team

The EventChain leadership team is comprised of excellent business professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators in the fields of cryptography, media and broadcasting, and software development. They stand out among them:

Ashton Addison CEO, Founder. With years of experience in website development and a constant thirst for knowledge, Ashton founded the FinTech online and digital broadcast network of the Crypto Coin Coin Show and has communities on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Jay Addison President. Jay is the CTO of Click4Time Software. As a regular in the meetings Bitcoin blockchain began to formulate many concepts from the application of blockchain technology to everyday products and services. Jay has also been a professional broadcaster for more than 25 years.

Chong Foo Chaw Managing Director, Zhaolim Pte. Ltd. Chong Foo has 25 years of experience in business administration and start-ups in various industries and has served advising and assisting in areas such as strategic business planning, innovation and intellectual property management and operations. He is Executive Director of Zhaolim Pte. Ltd., an investment holding company.

In the council of advisers:

Dr. Steven Funk. Millionaire of the Silicon Valley. Dr. Funk has 30 years of experience in international corporate debt, equity investments, property and real estate development. With master’s and doctoral degrees, a private pilot’s license, and a ticket on Virgin Galactic’s next space flight, it has a plethora of business experience.

Piotr Piasecki Core Developer, Factom; Jeans Tang Founder and President of Blockchain Research Institute; Dror Medalion CEO of Bitjob.io; Dr. Amir Hajbaba PhD, Corporate Finance; among others brilliant advisers provide the business vision that the project requires.

The EVENTCHAIN token sale

 The first EventChain token sale event – EVC – will be 84 million Tokens as a total offer of EVC Tokens. The supply will be limited and no more EVC Tokens will be created. Throughout the sale of tokens, 54.6 million EVC chips will be made available to the participants (65% of the total offer). The remaining chips at the end of the sale will be assigned to a blocked account for a period of 3 years. Contributions will only be accepted in ETH.

The so-called Phase-1 was launched on September 13, 2017. Phases 1 and 2 of the token sale will be available for a maximum of 2 weeks respectively. Any EVC token remaining after the period will be insured for future use of EventChain as determined by its Board of Directors.


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