EU Blockchain Published Report on Convergence of Blockchain; Mentioning IOTA as an IoT Supporting Protocol

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EU Blockchain, the leading blockchain observatory & forum in Europe, published its latest analyzing report. The forum publishes regular reports assessing various blockchain and broad technology trends in Europe.

The latest report focuses on AI and IoT. The forum mentioned IOTA as an example blockchain project to support IoT.

“The EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum @EUBlockchain published a report as part of its initiative to analyze a wide range of important #blockchain themes. We’re happy to see #IOTA being mentioned as a protocol to support #IoT and the #MachineEconomy at scale!” tweeted IOTA.

Blockchain helping the growth of IoT and AI

The latest report from the EU Blockchain forum focuses on AI and IoT as themes of blockchain use cases. Consensys AG has produced the latest report on behalf of the forum. The report named “Convergence of Blockchain, AI, and IoT” covers various topics about the impact of these technologies on each other.

In every chapter, supporting trends and solutions between technologies are explained. “Smart Cities” chapter is the other one covering the convergence of the techniques mentioned above in action. In the end, challenges and the risks of the convergence in the fields like technology, regulatory, and privacy is described.

The report tries to show examples as real-world projects that are being developed to converge the techniques, as more as possible. Authors in a section named “Combining Blockchain and IoT” give examples about the use-cases of blockchain in IoT and also the supply chain. The report emphasizes on transparency and security as the most important benefits of blockchain for IoT.

EU Blockchain report mentions some ongoing projects that are focused on Blockchain in IoT, including IOTA. “on the protocol level, IOTA is being developed specifically to support IoT and the machine economy at scale,” reads the report.

Airalabs, Modum, Ambrosus, and are some of the other examples that focus on providing blockchain platforms for devices in IoT networks. There are other examples in the report that are working on specific use cases like smart cities and energy.

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