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Etherparty: create your own smart contracts

Blockchain technology is proving to have versatile scopes, and one of its best possibilities is represented in smart contracts. Admitting the viability of smart contracts is a step that is taking place as the options of developers working with this technology grow. Such is the case of Etherparty, which allows users with zero knowledge of intelligent contract scheduling to create an executable and self-executing digital agreement for all types of transactions.

What are smart contracts?

In 1997, Nick Szabo introduced the idea of smart contracts, the idea that through “highly evolved” contract systems, societies would be able to form better-law societies, more efficiently, and distribute trust. In its most basic form, smart contracts are a contract executed by computer in unalterable code. Smart contracts make relationship security, application creation, and code deployment more cost-effective and efficient. The issue that has plagued the idea of true smart contracts is the lack of a sufficient decentralized computer network capable of serving as a non-trust broker to execute contracts in an unalterable manner.

The possibilities are endless, and with Etherparty, the user will be able to create decentralized standalone applications with a few lines of code.

These are just some of the functions that the user will have available with Etherparty:


You can create your own custom contract templates with a Guided Contract Assistant to assist you. The user will have the possibility to choose between a variety of data sources, oracles of data and contractual clauses.


The platform will have a safety test available for all smart contracts before they are available in the template library. Security is also guaranteed from sources that thoroughly review the Solidity code for custom contracts so that there are no surprises after it has been launched on the network.



The platform offers a sophisticated user interface that uses drag and drop from a side-panel toolbar to a contract workspace, allowing the user to create custom contracts.


Etherparty is a fully managed solution that handles everything from the creation of smart contracts, security testing, locking chain release, transaction fee management and monitoring tools throughout the entire process. From financial services to inter-industry applications, Etherparty has the smart contract solution to meet your contractual needs. From peer to peer contracts, creation of tokens and digital coin management, applications for sports betting, supply chain management and international logistics, real estate contracts, among other possibilities.

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