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In a large leap in cryptocurrency technology, the smart contract platform agnostic Zap Store is drastically enhancing the Ethereum protocol. After extensive testing on testnets like Ropsten and Rinkeby, the Zap Store is soon making their oracle solution live to the mainstream smart contract & ÐApp developer community. Although the Zap Store currently only works with Ethereum, it is smart contract platform agnostic and will eventually provide oracles for NEO and Lisk.

As the first open oracle market, the Zap Store is positioned to become the standard data provider for the entire smart contract ecosystem.

An oracle is a data feed capable of relaying data to smart contracts and ÐApps. With these data feeds, the utility of smart contracts will increase exponentially, as they are currently only able to access information that is on a blockchain.

Companies like and Chainlink bridged the gap between real-world information and smart contracts, but remain somewhat limited in their utility. Currently there are very few data sources that have been converted into oracles, due to there being no simple way to create new oracles, or determine which oracles to trust.

The smart contract ecosystem doesn’t have a sufficient oracle solution due to it being a hard problem, possibly the hardest problem in the blockchain space: how do you trust centralized data in a decentralized world?

What sets the Zap Store apart from other oracle solutions is its intuitive and user-friendly marketplace, where data providers can trustlessly interact with smart contract creators. By creating a novel, market based solution to the oracle problem, the Zap Store is championing the original blockchain ethos of decentralization and democratization, empowering anyone on the planet with useful data to create an oracle and immediately profit from delivering their data to the blockchain. The Zap Store has raised over 5,000 Ether in presale, and the ZAP token sale is now live.

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