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Ethereum [ETH] – Tensions Rise as Ethereum Devs Try to Streamline Coordination

Tensions are mounting in the Ethereum [ETH] developer camp after minutes of four private meetings that took place in Prague early this month were leaked on the GitHub website. The meetings included some of the core developers who were present at the DevCon 4 conference, an annual meet up for Ethereum developers.

The nature and exclusivity of this meeting have spooked several Ethereum developers who are not happy about being uninformed on the happening of the meeting given that Ethereum network is a public blockchain whose development is both open-source and community driven.

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“I am really, really, angry about this situation,” said Afri Schoedon leading Ethereum developer working with Parity software Development Company, an organization that is focused on creating applications for the Ethereum ecosystem. Schoedon is one of the several developers that were not in attendance during these meetings.

According to Alexey Akhunov, one of the developers present at the four meetings, “It was an ad-hoc meeting,” he said. However, this excuse was not good enough for Schoedon, who retorted during a Friday developer call asking “how do you get Joseph Lubin and Vitalik Buterin in the same room in an ad-hoc manner.” Joseph Lubin and Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founders were also in attendance in some of these meetings.

In a recent developers’ call early Saturday morning, the ETH developers discussed the effects of this issue at length. Akhunov, who was, apparently, one of the organizers of the private meetings said during yesterday’s dev call that “It was an ad-hoc meeting in Prague that is why it was not announced. Nothing substantial happened there, so there is not much to discuss yet. I was actually one of the people who asked not to publicize this before we actually do any work.”

Some have accused Schoedon’s Parity organization of organizing what is rumored to be plans to develop an ETH blockchain competitor. That could be the reason why he was not invited to these meetings. Seeing as he is the most vocal against private meetings, some devs think he is peddling a conspiracy theory merely because he was excluded from the meetings.

The minutes to the meetings were “leaked” by Greg Colvin, a self-proclaimed Ethereum community advisor on Friday. The meetings seemed to suggest that the developers are looking into ways of accelerating feature deployment on the Ethereum MainNet so as to implement future code improvements faster.

During one of the meetings, the developers discussed a never-before publicly discussed hard-fork called Ethereum 1.x whose release is scheduled for June 1st, 2019.

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