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Ethereum [ETH] – Kaleido Partners with Amazon to Launch Ethereum Marketplace with Plug-and-Play Services

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Kaleido, a subsidiary of Consensys, in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the launch of Kaleido Marketplace, a full-stack Ethereum [ETH] platform for decentralized enterprise solutions. The new product basically offers enterprise clients interested in developing their blockchain a ”whole cloud of blockchain technologies” that will save them the hustle of writing as much as 80% of custom code.

Kaleido’s argument is that most of the code that constitutes the blockchain is mostly repetitive code that can easily be borrowed.

According to Kaleido’s CEO Steve Cerveny:

“The reality is only about 10% of an enterprise blockchain project is the blockchain itself. There are many other application, data, and infrastructure components required to go into production. I’m very excited that we have a whole cloud of blockchain technologies pre-integrated for our clients to use.”

Kaleido Marketplace is a plug-n-play solution for the enterprise that comes bundled with industry products such as:

  • Chainlink for smart contract oracles
  • Viant for supply chain management
  • OpenLaw and Clause.io for real-time legal contracts

Once a client enterprise has opted to sign on to the marketplace, they get access to this software suite instead of developing all this code. The new Ethereum marketplace will accelerate project development from proof-of-concept phases to live production business networks in the minimal time possible.

Ethereum MarketplaceKaleido was launched in May 2018 as a subsidiary to Consensys, the blockchain technology company founded by Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin. Since its inception, it has signed on more than 1,000 enterprise clients that have found a use for its Blockchain Business Cloud solution. The Ethereum Kaleido Marketplace is an extension of those services in collaboration with AWS and Consensys among a host of other partners to the program.

The vision behind Kaleido Marketplace is to fill the gap yet to be filled by the lack of blockchain developers. The blockchain industry is growing at unprecedented speed and the demand for skilled blockchain developers is going unfulfilled. Kaleido is thus trying to reduce the need for software developers by providing the code necessary to launch custom private blockchain projects by borrowing the code from the Kaleido Marketplace partners.