Ethereum Developers Announce Deployment Date for Decun Upgrade on Mainnet

Breaking News: Ethereum Decun Upgrade Locked in for Mainnet Rollout
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  • Ethereum will implement Dencun on March 13 to reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • Consensus call discusses next steps and proposed improvements.
  • Update marks milestone in the evolution of Ethereum towards Prague/Electra.

The Ethereum (ETH) developer team has set March 13, 2024 as the key date for the long-awaited upgrade called “Dencun”.

This announcement comes after years of effort dedicated to improving the Ethereum network, with the implementation of the much-mentioned “proto-danksharding” feature.

This component is crucial as it aims to reduce transaction costs in secondary ETH layers by providing specific space for data storage.

The Dencun deployment process has gone through rigorous testing on three test networks, culminating in its successful deployment on the Holesky network this week.

This milestone marks one of the biggest changes to the Ethereum network since April 2023, when significant updates were made.

However, it should be noted that the implementation date has suffered technical delays, initially scheduled for the end of 2023.

The developer team’s consensus call, known as “Consensus-layer Call 127”, revealed a number of topics discussed at the February 8, 2024 meeting.

These include issues such as the schedule for the mainnet, issues related to invalid blocks, and planning for the next hard fork called Prague/Electra.

Ethereum Developers Announce Deployment Date for Decun Upgrade on Mainnet

In addition, technical topics such as the design of proposed improvements (EIP), the inclusion of certain elements in the development of ETH, and discussions about protocols such as SSZ were addressed during the call.

These aspects are expected to contribute to the continued development and growth of the Ethereum network

In this way, it is intended to address concerns such as reducing transaction costs and optimizing data storage.

This upgrade process represents a crucial step on the path to Ethereum’s scalability and efficiency, which could make projects like Celestia, Avail, and EigenDA even more attractive to users and developers of the platform.

As the Ether team moves forward with Dencun, they are also planning future “hard forks”, such as Prague/Electra, which could introduce new features such as “Verkle Trees” to further improve the network’s infrastructure.

Ethereum’s upcoming upgrade, Dencun, marks a significant milestone in the network’s development, with the implementation of innovative features aimed at improving efficiency and reducing costs for users and developers.

Backed by rigorous testing and detailed technical discussions, this update is expected to further drive the growth and adoption of Ethereum in the blockchain ecosystem.


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