Ethena Labs Expands USDe and sUSDe Across Web3 with Blast Network Integration

Ethena Labs Expands USDe and sUSDe Across Web3 with Blast Network Integration
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  • Ethena Labs launches USDe and sUSDe on the Blast L2 network.
  • Integrations with multiple Web3 protocols to offer new services.
  • Significant benefits for users in terms of rewards and leverage.

Ethena Labs, a synthetic dollar protocol developed on the Ethereum network, has successfully launched its USDe and sUSDe digital assets on the Blast Layer 2 solution.

This launch marks an important milestone in the mass adoption of these synthetic currencies, allowing their integration with a variety of Web3 protocols.

Among the projects that will begin offering services using USDe and sUSDe are Thruster, Juice Finance, Hyperlock Finance, Orbit Protocol, Init Capital and Renzo.

The launch on the Blast L2 network brings with it several immediate benefits.

For example, the Thruster platform will introduce USDe and sUSDe into the pools of liquidity providers paired with USDB, receiving a maximum allocation of Ethena along with incentives such as 30X Sats, Blast Gold, and Thruster credits.

Additionally, users who participate in Hyperlock Finance will receive additional 5X Sats rewards.

Another key integration is with Juice Finance, where users will be able to borrow up to 3X against their USDB on Thruster and Hyperlock Finance V3 USDe, earning up to 105X Sats in rewards and single-sided deposits of up to 20X.

This significantly increases leverage and reward opportunities for users.

Additionally, users can now supply USDe to borrow on the Orbit lending protocol, with up to 4X leverage and the ability to receive 20X rewards, including Blast Gold and Orbit points.

Leveraged looping of USDe and sUSDe up to 5X has also been enabled through Init Capital, providing another layer of opportunities to maximize returns.

The platform  ensures that these pools will receive maximum Ethena allocations, aligned with their Morpho pools on Ethereum L1, with 20X and 5X respectively, along with Blast Gold and Init points.

Ethena Labs Expands USDe and sUSDe on Web3 with Blast Network Integration

Ethena Future Opportunities and Projections

Additionally, single-sided USDe deposits have been introduced on Particle Trade, allowing users to earn up to 20X Sats on their positions along with Blast Gold.

This broad and diversified integration strategy is designed to take full advantage of the capabilities of the Blast network and offer users multiple avenues to increase their returns and participate in the Web3 economy.

The Stargate Finance asset bridge platform makes it easy to transfer assets from Ethereum L1 to Blast, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration.

This native asset bridge provides unified liquidity and guaranteed instant completion, which is crucial to maintaining the efficiency and security of transactions on the Blast network.


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