EOS VC Grants Program Recipients Announced; 34 Companies to Receive Growth Fund

EOS VC Grants Program Recipients Announced; 34 Companies to Receive Growth Fund
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Block.one announced 34 new recipients of the VC Grants Program. These groups and companies will receive funds to work on open-source projects and use EOSIO to build blockchain-based solutions.

The fund will help them grow entrepreneurship in the global field. Thirty-four new firms that were chosen for this round of grants make various products from developer tools to medical solutions, all based on EOSIO protocol.

Grants For Growing Blockchain and Open Source Community

When more groups and companies work on blockchain-based and open source projects; more users are attracted to the products. All the industry-leading players believe in that and try to grow their developer community as much as possible. Block.one, one of the leading software publishers of the blockchain industry, started the EOS VC Grants Program in December 2019 to help developers and companies that are working on EOSIO.

The EOS VC Grants Program offers “$50,000 to qualified recipients who are contributing to the advancement of the EOSIO ecosystem through innovative products and services. The funding is intended to enable promising businesses using or supporting the EOSIO protocol to progress from ideas to innovations.”

Those who receive the fund are active in various topics and different phases of development. They will use the award to complete their projects and make them ready for commercial use.

Brendan Blumer

“We believe that nurturing up-and-coming projects that are still in the early stages of collaboration is a powerful way to foster the grassroots proliferation of blockchain technology,” said Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.one. “The variety of problems that these grant recipients are working to solve demonstrates the wide range of opportunities made possible by leveraging EOSIO software, and we’re happy to continue supporting companies and projects of all sizes.”

The EOS VC Grants Recipients are working on topics like digital advertising, IoT platform, insurance solutions, tree planting tracking, digital media, developer tools, public and private blockchain development, talent marketplace, chat platforms, etc. The complete list of accepted grants is published on eos.io official website.

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