EOS Nation and Dfuse Collaborate to Launch Official Dfuse Community Edition

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EOS Nation announced a new partnership with dfuse focused on launching dfuse community edition. The partnership happens after that dfuse open-sourced its blockchain data stack. The blockchain API company will now work with the EOS nation to launch and host the official dfuse Community Edition for the EOS mainnet.

EOS Nation is one of the most important collaborators and block producers in the EOS mainnet. They try to work on fundamental features and development phases of the EOS mainnet and have invested considerably in the structure. Their recent partnership with dfuse is toward that goal, too.

The development achievements from dfuse are focused on open-source blockchain tools. The team provides the scalable infrastructure and open-source data stack to the blockchain ecosystem. Some of their products are used today by many public and private projects, including exchanges, trading operations, interactive games, social media platforms, supply chain solutions, and high throughput regulated environments.

The new partnership between dfuse and EOS Nation makes EOS Nation the first block producer in EOS mainnet to run dfuse community edition. Many projects can benefit from the official Community Edition that runs dfuse for EOSIO. Besides, users will experience high-level services and support from EOS Nation, and eosq.app will use APIs hosted by EOS Nation.


“EOS Nation acknowledges the importance and the significance of the contributions from the dfuse team to the EOSIO community,” said Yves La Rose, co-founder and CEO of EOS Nation.

“This partnership positions the EOS Mainnet to be ready for the next phase of anticipated growth, and EOS Nation is thrilled to extend the availability of the absolute highest performing data stack solution to an even greater number of users. This is an important milestone for the most performant blockchain platform for businesses across the world,” he added.

dfuse will also introduce a new pricing model for enterprises that use EOS Mainnet for their business products. The new prices are focused on improving the enterprise-level performance. Customers will pay for part of the data to be indexed and hosted in a specific deployment.

Marc-Antoine Ross, co-founder and CEO at dfuse, said about the new partnership:

“Yves and I have always recognized the importance of this free standard, and we’re now seeing the full benefits of embracing an open-source and community driven approach.”

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