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Emurgo Launches Its First blockchain-based Enterprise Tracking solution Emurgo Traceability


Emurgo, the global blockchain solutions provider and founding entity of Cardano platform, has announced the launch of a Cardano Blockchain-powered traceability solution for enterprises to improve the supply chain traceability standards.

An Indonesian Coffee brand Blue Korintji Coffee has become the major enterprise to integrate this solution on its platform.

Emurgo made the announcement in a blog post published on its website on Tuesday, March 31. Is the first blockchain-based enterprise solution developed by EMURGO’s Enterprise unit.

According to Emurgo, the Emurgo Traceability Solution aims to bring added value to supply chain stakeholders and end consumers.

Emurgo said that it had partnered with an environmentally-conscious Indonesian coffee brand Blue Korintji Coffee to launch the this traceability solution. With this Blue Korintji Coffee has become the first commercial enterprise to integrate EMURGO Traceability Solution in its coffee supply chain to benefit all stakeholders including farmers and consumers.


Budi Isman, the founder of Blue Korintji Coffee, commented:

“Blue Korintji Coffee is excited to partner with leading global blockchain technology solutions provider EMURGO, and offer an innovative tech solution that will improve the lives of local Indonesian farmers, businesses, and consumer.”

According to Emurgo, the solution leverages Cardano’s research-driven blockchain technology to increase consumer trust on products they are to use. Coffee consumers can simply scan a QR code displayed in the coffee shop to access this information about the origin of their coffee.

Emurgo is a commercial arm of Cardano Blockchain that  develops enterprise-grade applications, builds developer tools, invests in startups, and provides blockchain education as well as for developers, startups, enterprises, and governments. The company currently maintains its offices in Singapore, Japan, the USA, India, and Indonesia.

As reported by Crypto Economy, in January, Emurgo also established a task force with Uzbek government to lead the development of legal framework for security token offerings (STO) and security token exchanges (STX) in the country.

Ken Kodama, chief executive officer of Emurgo, stated:

“EMURGO Traceability Solution is a breakthrough enterprise application providing a real solution to tackle inefficiencies in today’s supply chain industries. EMURGO is delighted to partner with Blue Korintji Coffee and integrate this solution, bringing a tangible real world application of blockchain technology to farmers, enterprises, and consumers, and shining light on the benefits the technology carries for everyone.”

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