dYdX Foundation Secures $30M to Execute Its Strategic Roadmap for the Next 3 Years

dYdX Foundation Secures $30M to Execute Its Strategic Roadmap for the Next 3 Years
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  • The dYdX Foundation secures $30 million for its strategic roadmap.
  • The funds support the development of the platform over the next three years.
  • The allocation receives strong community support, reinforcing decentralized governance.

The dYdX Foundation is pleased to announce the successful allocation of $30 million in DYDX from the Community Treasury.

This milestone represents a significant boost for the Foundation, providing it with the resources necessary to execute its strategic roadmap over the next three years.

The allocation of these funds came after a community vote, where 98% of voters supported the proposal, highlighting near-unanimous support from the community.

This transparency and community participation underscore the Foundation’s commitment to decentralized governance and inclusive decision-making.

The $30 million in DYDX will allow the Foundation to play a critical role in strengthening the ecosystem

This includes driving the company blockchain governance, encouraging platform adoption, facilitating technical and strategic integrations, and promoting the dYdX brand globally.

Charles d’Haussy, CEO of the dYdX Foundation, expressed his excitement at the unanimous support of the community and reaffirmed the Foundation’s commitment to continue contributing to the success of the protocol and ecosystem.

dYdX Foundation's Strategic Roadmap Funded with $30M Injection

The allocation of funds is also accompanied by solid strategic planning, with a clearly defined roadmap.

This includes strengthening key operational teams, such as Governance and Strategic Initiatives, Business Development and Growth, User Solutions and Support, Marketing and Communications, and Central Operations.

It is noteworthy that the Foundation is characterized by its non-profit approach, meaning that its mission is not driven by the pursuit of financial gain.

Instead, the Foundation is dedicated to promoting the development and expansion of the blockchain ecosystem, with the purpose of fostering innovation, improving accessibility, and promoting adoption of the protocol.

Your commitment to this non-profit approach demonstrates your dedication to the well-being and sustainable growth of the community as a whole.

The successful allocation of $30 million into DYDX marks a crucial milestone for the Foundation and the ecosystem as a whole.

With these funds, the Foundation is well positioned to continue leading innovation and development in the DeFi space, promoting decentralization and inclusion in the process. 


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