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Dorado: the new generation of deliveries and its ICO

Among the multiple proposals that through ICO’s we are learning, there is undoubtedly a deployment of initiative and innovation that allows us to glimpse a very promising future in the development of blockchain services. One of these cutting-edge proposals that also integrates high technology applied in robotics, is the one that Dorado presents to us about its ICO, which is about to begin.

Dorado is based on the commercial platform of what was initially Foodout, which already operates in 6 countries, with + 50 million sales, 1 million active users, + 4 million orders and 6227% growth in 3 years, as they explain on their website. The vision of Dorado is to go beyond the delivery of food, and offer “everything the client wants”, in order to become a “super delivery” for all deliveries, taking advantage of the existing know-how of equipment, central technology of platforms, users data base and the latest innovations such as drones, robots and artificial intelligence to scale the world.

Dorado aspires to be something better than “Uber” for all “last mile” deliveries. Dorado will transform the way goods move through cities by allowing anyone to deliver something at the request of any customer anywhere.


The delivery services sector has enormous potential, and this has been evident in the Dorado team. It is one of the fastest growing markets and one of the most promising. Analysts at Morgan Stanley estimate that the on-demand delivery market is currently $ 215 billion.

The platform will have among other things, with Artificial Intelligence Chatbots, with advanced preference analysis and recommendation. The chatbot will analyze the complete history of previous orders based on the time, location and context of the order, and present something that the client probably orders based on that.

Logistic platform, Drones and Robots

With their revolutionary HyperLocal Logistics platform in blockchain, they will connect customers with local messengers, drones and robots that can deliver anything from any store or restaurant in minutes.

Web platform and mobile applications thanks to Dorado has thousands of stores available to contact, allowing you to quickly find and sort the best in your area. The customer can order restaurant food, medications, other pharmacy items, groceries or anything else he wants with a few touches from his device.

Dorado leads the way to the future by being the first in its market to offer customers an easier way to place orders and deliver them through Artificial Intelligence, Chat Bots, Robotics and Drones.

Dorado offers tokens owners the payment of quarterly bonuses, so the more profits they earn, the higher the payments will be for the token holders. These bonuses for quarterly commissions within the ecosystem will be 7% net sales to all Dorado tokens owners.

The business has been in operation since 2014. In 3 years since the founding of Foodout (The MVP of Dorado) has grown 6227%, which makes it one of the fastest growing startups in the world. They have delivered more than 4 million orders to 1 million satisfied customers with + 50 million sales. These are numbers of inescapable value.

The goal of the Dorado team is not to make quick profits, but to build a global decentralized delivery leader. To guarantee this to your users, they will block the tokens that correspond to the team for 3 years, sure that at that moment the value of their company will be in the billions.

The growth of the Dorado token value is driven by the growth of the platform. As white paper indicates there will be 5 Token utilities on the platform, which will provide great benefits and create network effects, and increase the demand for tokens exponentially.

Dorado Ico

Now, why an ICO?

As they explain on their website, they choose this method of financing because they believe it is the most efficient way to grow and create a community around their product worldwide.

They have already proven successful and have become leaders in 6 markets and believe that with the help of an ICO, they can not only expand exponentially and more aggressively, but also use innovative and technologically advanced ways to provide their service. One of its main objectives is to expand to at least 18 countries in the coming years. It is a business established in the real world that invites the crypto crowd to participate in its success.

The Crowdsale will begin on February 7, 2018 and end on May 16, 2018 or when the maximum limit is reached. The input value of the token DOR – native token of the platform – will be 1 DOR = 0.00015 ETH or 1 ETH = 6667 DOR.

To be updated on the crowdsale news, as well as news about this platform, you can follow them on Telegram and on Twitter.


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