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Don’t lose your Bitcoins, stay alert

The Bitcoin ecosystem is young and in an adoption phase. The people who approach Bitcoin are an increasingly heterogeneous public.

Bitcoin is something increasingly popular and many people can acquire them without having great technical or safety knowledge.

It is necessary to have more and more users to discover the true potential of Bitcoin and overcome the shortcomings of the current monetary system, but this creates a risk.

With the adoption of Bitcoin the scams have multiplied, business opportunities unbeatable, which will give us an excellent benefit. Imagination is the limit of scammers.

The advantages offered by Bitcoin as a means of payment are very useful for these scammers. If you have sent your Bitcoins to someone you have no control over them.

Below, we will show you a list of the 5 most repeated scams in Bitcoin so that you will be alert.

  1. The Pyramids in Bitcoin

You will be surprised to learn that some of these scams have amassed amounts that excess $ 10 million. Scammers create a website in which they present a safe and very lucrative investment, they promise high profits in a short term. What really happens is that scammers pay first investors with new deposits from new investors. They wait to accumulate a good amount of Bitcoins and disappear.

  1. The Miner’s Scam

In many parts of the world is currently unviable to use Bitcoin Miner. The high electric bill makes it very unlikely. Competition in the sector is very high and leaders have to maintain high levels of reinvestment in order not to lose profitability. Even so there are many scammers who build sites trying to make people believe that mining is easy, they can do it from any laptop and they are going to make a lot of money.

  1. MtGox, exchange scam

The most famous scam in the short history of crypto-currencies. The exchange is a kind of toll we have to pay if we want to buy Bitcoins. There are ways to avoid them, but if you want to buy Bitcoins, you will sooner or later use an exchange. What is the problem? Well there are exchanges that when they have a lot of money they close and they keep all the money that their clients have deposited.

  1. “Give me your Bitcoins that I manage them for you” The scam portfolios

Very similar to the exchange scam but in this case the scammers offer “online wallet services”. Suspicious services will be those that keep a copy of the private keys of our Bitcoins. What can happen is that they simply take the Bitcoins. To avoid this, we have to use portfolio services that do not keep a copy of our private keys or really rely on any of these services.

  1. The typical phising, but with Bitcoin

Who can resist a mail in whose subject is “you won a Bitcoin”? Phishing scams are a classic on the Internet, many celebrities and politicians have staged scandals by losing control of their accounts on social networks. It is simple, they send you for example an email, a link with some flashy information to get you click and from that moment you are in the hands of anyone.

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