DODO Launches DODOChain, an Omni-Trading Layer3, Powered by Arbitrum, EigenLayer, and AltLayer

DODO Launches DODOChain, , an Omni-Trading Layer3, Powered by Arbitrum, EigenLayer, and AltLayer
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  • DODOchain, the first Omni-Trading Layer3 solution, powered by Arbitrum Orbit, EigenDA and AltLayer.
  • Integration of layers to consolidate liquidity from different blockchains into a unified platform.
  • Strategic collaboration with Arbitrum, Eigenlayer and AltLayer to improve scalability, efficiency and security.

DODO, a well-known on-chain liquidity provider, has presented an innovative solution in the blockchain ecosystem: DODOchain.

This platform represents the first implementation of an Omni-Trading Layer3 solution, powered by leading technologies such as Arbitrum Orbit, EigenDA and AltLayer.

The core objective of DODOchain is to consolidate the liquidity of various blockchains in one place, thereby facilitating the exchange of tokens and increasing earning opportunities through restaking.

This initiative comes after 5 months of intense development, where challenges such as liquidity fragmentation and complex operations on multiple Layer2 blockchains have been overcome.

DODO‘s history dates back to its launch in August 2020, highlighting its Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm that has significantly improved liquidity efficiency and exchange rates around oracle prices.

Over time, the platform has evolved with features such as DODOX, a swap aggregator, limit orders, and a cross-chain swap aggregator.

This new update focus on the Rollup level liquidity layer marks an important milestone in the blockchain industry.

This level 3 layer focuses on custom functions to improve interoperability between blockchains, acting as a bridge between diverse blockchain ecosystems such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and Solana.

This translates into greater transaction efficiency and significant savings in network costs.

DODO launches DODOChain, an Omni-Trading Layer3 powered by Arbitrum, EigenLayer and AltLayer

Strategic partnership with leaders such as Arbitrum, Eigenlayer and AltLayer strengthens DODOchain capabilities

Arbitrum Orbit offers improved scalability and efficiency, while EigenDA increases processing capacity and reduces costs.

AltLayer contributes its restored rollup infrastructure, improving security and interoperability.

DODOchain also promises attractive features such as Omni-chain liquidity hotspots, connectors for BTC L2 and ETH L2, and native staking returns.

This combination of technologies and features positions the layer as a comprehensive solution for trading and asset management in the blockchain environment.

DODOchain represents a significant step forward towards interoperability and efficiency in the blockchain space.

Its focus on higher layers and strategic partnerships demonstrate a strong commitment to technological innovation, offering users a more fluid, secure and profitable trading and asset management experience across multiple blockchains.


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