DMP Project: Towards much more than P2P loans

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One of the business niches that is most benefiting from blockchain technology and tokenization to promote its own economic crypto-ecosystem is financial services and communities for interpersonal loans. In this last particular, various platforms have been emerging whose development phase is still at its peak, however, on this occasion we want to talk about the Diamond Project platform, and its proposal for personalized loans on its blockchain platform.

Diamond Project – DMP – seeks to be more than a P2P lending platform; conceives its ecosystem to go one step further in services, security and growth capacity. DMP is presented as the first lending platform backed by real assets to in turn give Blockchain’s assets access to liquidity without having to sacrifice or sell the cryptocurrencies of the borrowers.

DMP optimizes each step of the loan process. They simplify the loan application process by focusing on the value of the borrower’s blockchain assets instead of their credit score or other information. The borrowers automatically contact the capital of the extensive network of lenders that the platform allows to connect. DMP maintains the secured assets of the borrowers in a totally secure architecture during the term of the loan so that said member can request and use his loan with confidence.

The collateral guarantee factor is key in this whole process. DMP is a traditional loan secured by a non-traditional guarantee. The mechanics of the loan process is quite simple: the lender consigns its guarantee in the purse of guarantees of the platform, and the amount according to said guarantee and requested by the lender is transferred to the borrower’s bank account. The guarantee given remains as the borrower’s property and any appreciation or depreciation of the same belongs to the borrower. The borrower makes periodic payments to return the loan to the lender within the agreed period, and after the return period is completed and the loan is paid, the guarantee is returned to the borrower.

The loans can be for any lawful purpose, and your request is not subject to credit verification. The borrower will receive the money in his bank account, at competitive interest rates and without additional charges.

Now, the platform will only be in the area of ​​P2P loans. It will also venture into other fields such as its own Exchange, investment groups, participate in cryptocurrency mining pools, all with constant protection of the platform, guaranteeing safe operations, all verifiable in the blockchain of the platform. The cryptocurrency trading promises to be one of the main strengths. Even for investment groups, it is planned to create a kind of social network only for ICO’s that will be previously selected by the platform, and in which users can invest. DMP seeks to be a platform in which users can upload their smart contracts to participate in an active community of smart contracts for businesses, businesses, services and have greater exposure.

As for the ecosystem of the platform, they have devised the DMP SHOP, with the DMP token which allows users to exchange their DMP tokens in any important cryptocurrency or fiduciary currency. The DMP token will be the currency for all this.

The platform is in its ICO since last April 15. The price of the DMP tokens started with a value of 1 ETH = 5000 DMP, and will be placed at a value of 1 ETH = 6750 DMP.

To know more about this interesting platform, we recommend you check the White Paper, visit its official website, and follow them on their Telegram channel to be up to date on their news.





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