Dlive is Now Live; The First Decentralized Live Streaming Protocol

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Dlive Protocol announced the official launch and is now ready to use. It’s the first decentralized streaming service in the world. In a year that live streaming has become the new normal, launching a decentralized service means attracting more regular users to blockchain-based technologies. Dlive is currently ready for Chrome users on windows. Mac and other versions will be released in the next year.

A New Wave of Decentralized Services

Streaming services experienced significant growth in 2020. Many physical events were canceled because f the COVID-19 situation, and many others changed their plans to hold virtual ones. It resulted in the launch of many new streaming services. Dlive is the latest that focuses on decentralization. It provides a fast peer-to-peer network for connecting presenters and audience.

As mentioned before, Dlive is currently ready for Chrome users on Windows. It provides an easy-to-use platform to create channels and stream. The critical aspect of Dlive is that it doesn’t need creating accounts. You just set up the client and start streaming.

Dlive team focuses on the security feature of the service. They claim a robust security level that prevents the streams from being breached. The decentralized infrastructure is another feature that adds to the security. As the team claims:

“No CDNs, no servers, no data warehouses, no censorship. Connect with people.”


You first have to create your channel for streaming on Dlive. The next step is integrating OBS using custom RTMP. At the final stage, the platform will give you a link to the streaming channel. You just have to share the link with the audience so that they can join the channel.

Dlive is on the path to improve and expand its offering. The first version is now live and ready to use for Chrome users on Windows. The team will add MacOS support in Q1 2021. By adding support for Mac users, Dlive can expect a good increase in the number of users in early 2021. The next step in the Dlive roadmap is releasing the developer SDK. Developers can launch their own decentralized streaming platform using the SDK. the team behind Dlive also plans to improve the content discovery by Q2 2021.

Decentralization has shown excellent capabilities in the financial and supply chain sectors. Launching services like Dlive shows its chances for disrupting the service sector, too. If Dlive and similar platforms become successful in providing useful services, we can expect considerable growth in usage in that sector.

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