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Dfinance Integrates Chainlink to Improve its Advanced Financial Products


Dfinance announced a new partnership with Chainlink that focuses on the data delivery to developers on its ecosystem. Developers who have been using the no-code interface in Dfinance to create new products now can access real-world data from decentralized Chainlink oracles. The data helps them create automation in DeFi applications.

Oracles Helping New Developers

The first mission of Dfinance is to create the opportunity of product making for those who have little or no knowledge about programming. It provides various digital tools to them to work on their ideas. Access to real-world data and making data-driven applications can be an excellent feature for those developers.

Chainlink oracles send the needed data to developers in Dfinance. They will have an ease of mind to automate their processes based on off-chain data and expand their options and features. The Price Reference Data oracle from Chainlink are great options for those developers looking for price data in their applications. Furthermore, data from password-protected off-chain API can be accessed through oracles.


The partnership with Chainlink removes many barriers for Dfinance developers, and they can focus more on their ideas. Dfinance Co-founder and lead developer Boris Povod said:

“Chainlink has already shown in practice the reliability and efficiency of its work, and the experience and knowledge of the team of professionals behind was impressive. We analyzed various possible solutions, and our technical team reached the conclusion that Chainlink is one of the only oracle networks that meet our current needs and expectations. Through this integration, we plan to solve some of the more ambitious objectives of Dfinance and to achieve significant results in creating fundamentally new financial instruments for the benefit of our society and all mankind.“

The partnership between Chainlink and Dfinance can be excellent news for those financial experts who have been looking for solutions to create DeFi applications. The combination of digital tools with little to no need for programming knowledge helps them bring their ideas to life.

“This brings a powerful new primitive to financial markets, and we look forward to working with Dfinance to ensure these markets always operate according to the most accurate and reliable prices,” said Daniel Kochisalso, Head of Chainlink Business Development.

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