DeversiFi Launches DeversiFi 2.0 on Mainnet With Integrated StarkWare-Developed StarkEx Scalability Engine

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DeversiFi, self-custodial decentralized exchange, has launched the next version of its platform, DeversiFi 2.0, on mainnet with integrated StarkWare’s scalability engine for professional traders.

According to June 3rd announcement, the new DeversiFi 2.0 platform will provide professional traders a unique edge in popular DeFi market through features like instant settlement, privacy-by-default, withdrawal certainty, low fees, and deep aggregated liquidity.

According to DeversiFi, many incredible decentralized exchanged have emerged on the scene over the past few year but some cornerstone of profitable trading like liquidity, privacy, speed, good API access, and choice are not truly there. This has forced serious traders to stick with centralized exchanges.

Keeping this problem in mind and after years of cryptographic research and digital asset experience, the DeversiFi squad has developed a platform that promises these cornerstone features. DeversiFi said:

“With this problem front-and-centre, the DeversiFi team have developed the first self-custodial exchange which not only competes on these cornerstones (by providing self-custodial access to aggregated liquidity, using zkPROOFs for unparalleled privacy, being capable of over 9000 transactions per second (tps) and brand new API documentation) but gives traders a significant speed and security advantage through reliable withdrawal-certainty, a greater TPS than existing venues and 24/7 control over assets.”

The cornerstone that DeversiFi 2.0 platform offers for a best trading experience include lightning speed, security & complete over assets, aggregated liquidity, withdrawal certainty, privacy-by-default, and competitive fees.


DeversiFi is actually a decentralized Ethereum exchange. The exchange’s team has worked tirelessly with its technology partner StarkWare, company dedicated to solve privacy and scalability problems of blockchains, to offer professional trader a  “fully-tested, fully-audited and state-of-the-art self-custodial exchange.”

According to the exchange, DeversiFi 2.0 was built using the StarkWare Layer-2 scaling engine, StarkEx, and optimised using ZK-STARKs and ZK Rollup technology. These technologies provide an array of advantages over other competing technologies such as high throughput, rapid finality, and less attack vector.

Will Harborne, Co-Founder and CEO of DeversiFi, commented:

“This StarkWare integration will transform the functionality of DeversiFi. The solutions born out will address the key issue of scalability – but without the usual traditional sacrifices of liquidity, speed, settlement and fees.”

Eli Ben Sasson, Co-Founder and President of StarkWare, stated:

“Commercial grade DeFi needs robust cryptography and ZK-STARKs are fastest in class, post-quantum safe and can easily scale to tens of thousands of transactions per second with no trusted setup. Partnering with DeversiFi will bring the benefits of ZK-STARK technology into the hands of every trader. We are excited to see traders embracing self-custodial trading without sacrificing liquidity or speed.”

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