Degen Chain Launches its Revolutionary Layer-3 Blockchain

Degen Chain Launches its Revolutionary Layer-3 Blockchain
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  • Degen Chain, a new Layer 3 platform, is launched by Syndicate, offering ultra-cheap transactions for the community.
  • It uses technologies like Arbitrum Orbit, Base and AnyTrust, with as its native gas token.
  • Originating in the Farcaster community in January 2024, it has seen rapid growth with over 53,000 holders and 553,000 transactions.

The decentralized community is undergoing a monumental shift with the launch of Degen Chain by Syndicate.

This innovative Layer 3 platform promises to revolutionize the way the community interacts, offering ultra-cheap transactions and a wide range of possibilities for experimentation and collaboration.

Built on cutting-edge technologies such as Arbitrum Orbit, Base and AnyTrust, it represents a significant milestone in the development of scalability and efficiency solutions in the blockchain ecosystem.

Most notable is the use of $DEGEN as the network’s native gas token, opening up new opportunities for the community and reinforcing the symbiotic relationship between the token and the network.

The origin of Degen dates back to January 2024, when it emerged in the community of Farcaster

Since then, it has been a catalyst for quality content creation and interaction within the community, rewarding users with its native token for their contribution.

With more than 53,000 holders and more than 553,000 transactions, it has proven to be a project with rapid growth and strong community support.

What sets Degen Chain apart is its community-focused approach.

Degen Chain Launches its Revolutionary Layer 3 Blockchain

Unlike other Layer 3 networks, Degen Chain is specifically designed to meet the needs and aspirations of the community, providing an environment conducive to innovation and experimentation.

This is reflected in the wide range of applications and use cases being explored, from tipping and community rewards to gaming and payments.

For developers interested in contributing to the growth of Degen Chain, Syndicate offers a number of tools and resources, including Transaction Cloud APIs and detailed documentation.

This initiative aims to encourage active community participation in the development of the network and ensure its long-term success.

Degen Chain represents a significant step forward in the evolution of decentralized cryptocurrency communities.

With its community-focused approach, innovative technology, and commitment to open collaboration, Syndicate is well positioned to play a critical role in building the decentralized future.


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