DefiLlama Team Separates Over Token Launch

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The decentralized finance data platform DefiLlama is having disputes in its leadership after one team member attempted to create a token without the overall team’s approval.

Sunday saw the start of the DefiLlama disagreements when one of the project’s anonymous co-founders tweeted a link to a forked version of the blockchain data platform and warned of a hostile takeover brought on by a potential token launch.

“There is an ongoing attempt to launch a token that does not represent us,” said 0xngmi. “We don’t want to be associated with it.”

The developer claims that despite the team’s opposition, the LLAMA token launch proposal came from someone who controls both DefiLlama’s Twitter account and website domain. Likewise, the DeFi platform hinted at a token airdrop on Twitter on March 18 after celebrating its aggregator platform reaching $5 billion in volume.

DefiLlama Team Launches Another Website

But 0xngmi said that the DefiLlama team, which has been working on the popular platform for the past three years, has opted to fork Defillama and start over on

Tendeeno, another contributor, asserted that 0xngmi’s assertions were accurate. He said that just one person, going by the name of 0xLlam4, is making an effort to launch the token.

DefiLlama Team Separates Over Push for Token Launch

DefiLlama was founded by 0xLlam4, although Tendeeno alleges that 0xngmi took over development after joining the team. He said that 0xngmi is the team’s manager, accountable for salaries, and the main legal owner of DefiLlama.

0xLlam4 presumably aims to launch a token against the team’s wants as a result of a lack of site income. Other group members cannot directly stop this event since 0xLlam4 manages the DefiLlama website and its Twitter account. OxLlama’s Twitter profile is presently set to private, which means that no one can view his tweets.

Currently, both “” and “” provide the same feature that displays a leaderboard listing different DeFi projects and displays the total amount of cryptocurrency locked in those projects. As a result, it remains uncertain which website will ultimately survive.

Although the majority of the team seemed to support, it is doubtful whether the website will be capable of attracting visitors considering that has been up for almost three years.

The team is still trying to find a solution, according to the project’s contributor, Tendeeno, who claims that the best-case scenario is that there has been a “massive misunderstanding” between the team members and that everything can be settled amicably.


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