More People Are Willing to Date in Metaverse More People Are Willing to Date in Metaverse
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The dating trends for 2023 have been published by in a full report. Several factors are predicted to have an impact on online dating, such as resolution dating, inflation, and metaverse dating.

The Future of Daring

As a result of these results, singles are seeking partners who can help them stay true to their personal New Year’s resolutions, according to the results. In addition to making new connections and forming new relationships, singles continue to rely on technology as a method of connecting.

By the year 2023, the market for resolution dating and seeking someone who will be able to help daters reach their goals and aspirations will outweigh the market for finding someone who will match singles’ physical preferences and help them attain their goals. According to the survey, 55% of respondents rated the importance of common goals and values as more important than physical appearances and attractiveness.

A recent report by indicates that record-high inflation and the threat of a recession are interfering with singles’ budgets and their dating lives as well. To save money on first dates, 61% of singles are now opting to date just one person at a time rather than meeting multiple potential partners at a time as a result of this trend.

With singles becoming ever more reliant on technology in the new year, it is expected that more and more are turning towards the possibility of a completely virtual relationship. There is no doubt that singles are going to use avatars to put a heavier emphasis on digital communication and intimacy before they make contact in the real world, with 33% planning to date in the metaverse.

It is becoming more common for daters to meet people across different cities, countries, and even continents because of advances in dating app technology and the metaverse. As a continuation of the trends that emerged during COVID, many people are still prioritizing travel and exploring the world over settling down and establishing roots in one particular location and settling down permanently.

A third of respondents said they were interested in forming relationships with people in other cities, states, or countries than where they currently live.

There is no doubt that this is a growing trend as more and more people are becoming comfortable with the idea of meeting others from around the world in the metaverse and becoming more comfortable with dating in this environment.


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