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The ICO’s agenda continues to look interesting and full of proposals, especially in the banking services sector. This time we will talk about Datarius, a P2P cryptobank platform whose presale has just begun.

During December 12 and until December 31, the P2P Cryptobank Datarius will execute a presale of DTRC tokens. Each participant in the round will receive a bonus of 35 percent.

This platform is considered as the first of its kind based on social P2P analysis applied to banking services. The blockchain community closely follows the ambitious project of the first decentralized development of social P2P cryptanalysis. It will allow people from all over the world to take full advantage of financial services on equal terms, which is impossible with traditional banking, and no less utopian, but at least with an achievable perspective thanks to blockchain benefits.

The main characteristics of Datarius are the use of blockchain, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency operations and a special designer of the rates adapted to the client in particular.

The blockchain of Datarius will allow the bank’s clients to transfer funds in fiduciary money and cryptocurrencies from one point of the world to another in minutes and at the lowest rates. Artificial intelligence increases the security of transactions, and helps analyze the risks of loans. All Datarius users receive only the services they need, which they choose from the general list in their Personal Account.

P2P loans are another characteristic of Datarius. It provides millions of people around the world the ability to receive and grant loans using a personal account in the browser or through a smartphone application. It is a fast, reliable and easy way to get a loan wherever a person is. This is an opportunity to win without involving third party intermediaries and their commissions.

The token sale starts on March 05 on the official website of Datarius Cryptobank and will last until April 05. The referential value will be 1 DTRC = $ 0,1

According to the project’s White paper, user accounts will be protected with the biometric authentication system. Each customer can issue an unlimited number of virtual cards, which can be used to control expenses and improve security. The confidence limit system also deserves special attention. It allows to make loans in automatic mode under very specific favorable conditions for each user, as well as to facilitate the work with remote employees.

All necessary information is available on the official website of Datarius Cryptobank.


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