Data Analysis Platform Dune Unveils Catalyst to Simplify Advanced Blockchain Analytics

Data Analysis Platform Dune Unveils Catalyst to Simplify Advanced Blockchain Analytics
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  • Dune Catalyst simplifies blockchain data integration.
  • It offers managed and hosted solutions to facilitate integration with the platform.
  • Projects such as Degen and Mode Network are already taking advantage of Catalyst services to obtain detailed information about the activities of their networks.

With the increasing complexity of layer 2 and layer 3 networks in the cryptocurrency space, managing blockchain data has become increasingly challenging.

In response to this need, Dune has launched Catalyst, an enterprise solution designed to simplify blockchain data integration and make information available to the crypto community.

Dune Catalyst offers two main configurations: a fully managed service and a self-service hosted solution.

The managed service provides comprehensive data configuration and ongoing management, while the hosted solution allows Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible blockchains to connect their data to Dune via standardized APIs.

Projects like Degen and Mode Network are among the first to take advantage of  Catalyst‘s services.

For example, Degen, a Layer 3 network on Farcaster, has seen significant growth in transactions with its recent launch on Arbitrum Orbit.

Dune Introduces Catalyst to Simplify Advanced Blockchain Analysis

Dune Catalyst provides easy access to trends and detailed information about Degen

Dune Catalyst makes it easy to access trends and detailed information about Degen, ranging from decentralized applications to native tokens and NFTs.

As Catalyst continues to gain traction in the crypto space, more projects are expected to leverage its services to improve the visibility, transparency, and accessibility of blockchain data.

This initiative marks a step forward in democratizing access to blockchain information and promotes informed decision-making within crypto communities.

For projects interested in joining the platform, the integration process is now easier than ever.

Whether through fully managed service or hosted solution, Catalyst offers the tools and infrastructure necessary to take blockchain data to the next level, providing users with a more seamless and efficient experience.

Moreover, by partnering with Dune, projects can tap into a vast network of over 500k active users, strengthening their ecosystem and attracting more developers to contribute to their growth and development.

As the crypto landscape evolves, having access to comprehensive data analytics becomes increasingly crucial for making informed decisions and staying competitive.


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