[DASH] – Dash Core Launches v0.14 on Mainnet Bolstering Network Security Against 51% Attacks

Dash Core Group, the organization that supports Dash cryptocurrency has released the latest version of the Dash software dubbed v 0.14 to the Dash Mainnet. The new upgrade introduces an “anti-51%-attack” upgrade that will help to bolster the security of the network.

According to Ryan Taylor, the CEO of Dash Core Group, this upgrade will make the Dash “network the first Proof of Work blockchain to essentially eliminate the threat of a 51% attack.”


Well, what has been improved in the new release over the previous Dash network? The latest code upgrade includes two main features, the first of which is the debut of the long-living masternode quorums (LLMQs). This feature provides that a randomized select group of master nodes will be in charge of perfuming specific tasks over short periods of time.

“These LLMQs are used to permanently lock in blocks on a first-seen rule, preventing reorganizations of the chain and other disruptions such as secret or selfish mining.”

The benefit of this feature is that it will allow for near-instant confirmations of transactions essentially taking the Dash InstantSend feature to another level.

The second feature is dubbed Chainlocks. This is the code upgrade responsible for bolstering the network security of Dash. Chainlocks, as the name suggests, prevents reorganization of the blockchain once a block has been created thereby improving the immutability of the network.

Paired up with LLMQs, the Dash Version 1.4 introduces a feature they call Chained InstantSend that will allow users to spend their balances immediately after receiving the Dash coins without waiting for network confirmations.

This feature will be appreciated in Point of Sales that will be accepting Dash as confirmations will be made immediately. This, according to Taylor, will “open up a whole new world of potential use cases for Dash beyond payments.”

It is worth noting that Dash has implemented two code upgrades in less than six months. The first one that happened earlier this year for Dash v 0.13 introduced the Dash InstantSend feature to the network. According to Dash Core CTO Bob Carroll, this progress underscores Dash’s development momentum. He is particularly excited about the DCG achieving its targets towards rolling out the highly anticipated Dash v 1.0 dubbed Evolution – the largest code upgrade to Dash in its entire history.

He said “I’m thrilled to see our second major release hit Mainnet in the past 6 months. Not only has our developer team generated significant momentum internally, but have done so while delivering some of the industry’s most powerful new features. With each release, Dash gets increasingly closer to realizing its potential as ‘digital cash’.”