Dash Core Group Partners with Travala.com to Offer Dash as its Official Travelling Partner


The Dash community continues its quest towards becoming the crypto payments network of choice with the latest partnership between Dash Core Group, the Dash Treasury-funded entity in charge of the Dash network as well as Travala.com, a blockchain-based travel and hotel booking platform.

Previously, Travala.com accepted Dash cryptocurrency among a host of other digital assets including Bitcoin and Ethereum, but starting July 17th, the two entities took their relationship to another level. With this partnership, Dash will have exclusive deals towards leveraging Travala.com’s vast network of hotel destinations as well as travel packages.

 travala.com y dash

The partnership between the two entities aims to push crypto adoption forward. Dash cryptocurrency offers a feature called InstantSend in which payments are confirmed instantly allowing for the cryptocurrency to be used as a viable alternative to payments option such as credit cards.

To ensure that more people choose to make payments in Travala.com destinations – more than 80,000 of them globally – Travala.com will offer discounts to Dash users. In addition, those use Dash.org provided links to Travala will qualify for a 5% Dash-back of the transaction amount.

Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor has previously said that to ensure more adoption, solutions need to cater to three consumer needs. These are cost/speed of the solution, ease of use and provision of incentives to change solutions. This latest partnership is a good example of catering to all these consumer needs. Dash is one of the fastest blockchain networks at the moment and offers some of the lowest transaction fees. The DCG group has strived to make the network easy to use through the development of solutions such as Dash SMS that leverages the availability of both smartphones and feature phones to send Dash coins through the ubiquitous SMS service. And finally, the cheaper rates and Dash-back program will provide the needed incentive for users to switch between payment options to Dash.

We continue adding services that create value for Dash users to make it an increasingly relevant part of their everyday spending,” said Taylor adding that, “We think that Travala.com users will love the speed and simplicity of paying for their travel needs with Dash. And Dash users will love more options for spending Dash while earning a discount.” Travala.com CEO and founder was especially enthusiastic of the partnership saying that “We are thrilled to be announcing this partnership with Dash as we share a vision of spearheading a future where crypto payments are ubiquitous and essential to everyday life.”