Cyberdyne Tech Exchange (CTX) to Launch First Regulated Digital Exchange Powered by NASDAQ Technologies

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Cyberdyne Tech Exchange (CTX), a Singapore-based trading platform using NASDAQ technologies, has announced that it is going to launch world’s first regulated digital exchange powered by Nasdaq technologies.

According to an announcement made by Cyberdyne Tech Exchange (CTX) on Tuesday, May 18th, this digital exchange will be for issuing and trading of asset-based tokens. These tokens will represent fractional value in real assets including green infrastructure, equity, real estate, art, Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH).

CTX, founded in 2019, is a trading platform that uses NASDAQ’s advanced technology platform including next generation trading matching engine, global market surveillance engine SMARTS, and operates its proprietary digital asset evaluation and management support platform.

The company’s services include trading, settlement, and custody of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and asset-backed tokens that include artwork, diamond, infrastructure, real estate, and shares-backed tokens. CTX products also targets NFT market.


CTX has currently received Capital Market Services licenses from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, approval-in-principle for a Recognized Market Operator license in December 2020, as well an exempt Payment Service Act license.

According to the announcement, CTX’s regulated exchange will allow qualified asset owners, accredited investors, institutions and corporations, to issue and trade asset-backed digital assets by the second half of this year. It will also provide settlement and custody of the tokens. The exchange will deploy Nasdaq’s best-in-class matching and market surveillance engines and all asset-backed tokens will be priced via CTX’s proprietary book building process to ensure transparency.

The company aims to a global hub for green financing and will be the first exchange to incorporate carbon disclosures for both issuers and investors allowing them to track the carbon footprint of the assets in their possession.

CTX sees a great potential in the issuing and trading of tokens of green assets. Tokenizing an asset using blockchain technology and smart contracts creates a security token and according to the company, this makes the underlying asset accessible to many more investors and allows issuers to raise funds in a cheaper, faster, and easier manner compared to a conventional IPO or bond offering.

Dr Bai Bo, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of CTX, also chairman of Asia Green Fund (AGF), commented:

“We believe security tokens will be the new equity and will drive the next wave of the digital economy. For investors, it paves the way for fractional ownership of hard-to-access investments and for businesses, it offers a new source of funding that is cost-efficient, trackable, and highly liquid. CTX will seamlessly connect mainstream financial institutions and accredited investors to innovative green assets on a robust exchange that will operate within the rigorous and progressive regulatory framework that Singapore offers.”

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