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Cubomania: robotics and blockchain for early childhood education

Among the various tokenized projects that have recently come to light, those that have to do with the education sector promise a very interesting influence of blockchain technology in hand in this case of robotics, designed for children. Cubomania is an excellent example of this.

Cubomania was born in response to the need to optimize the education sector, facilitated the creation and distribution of instructional content aimed at children, in the same way granting spaces to teachers to express their talents and continue to contribute to the learning of children.

The creators of this platform wish that all the children of the world have access to an innovative system that contributes to the construction of new knowledge, in the development of mental capacity and imagination, as well as in the promotion of the love for learning.

The Cubomania platform is based on blockchain with its own operating system for children’s watches, tablets and other IoT devices.

The Cubomania ecosystem consists of several important elements:

  • CuboCore Operating System
  • CuboStore and Online Workshop.
  • CuboApp
  • IoT devices (for example, CuboBuddy)

The CuboCore Operating System is available for robotics and IoT devices and includes educational programs that can be installed on any type of IoT-based device. Consumers have access to the decentralized warehouse with programs and applications, all managed by the Cubomania community.

A complete and educational software

Currently there are multiple applications and instructional programs that can be downloaded through various operating systems, however, they go to a single public, but this time Cubomania changes the rules of the game.

The Cubomania project together with the basic version of CuboCore, prepare an SDK that includes the participation of teachers, developers and students, the necessary tools to program behaviors, movements, sounds and add additional electronic components.

On the other hand, Cubo Workshop and CuboStore are key elements within the ecosystem. To facilitate the process of creation and distribution of content the mechanics of the block chain is combined with the interface of the platform, in this way teachers will be granted maximum protection of their intellectual property.

In the first instance, Cubomania makes available to all a web server, IOS and Android applications, in the future the creators of the platform want to offer a full-stack operating system, based on making the user experience with toys more pleasant and experiential smart, watches and tablets.

CuboBuddy, IoT robotic educational toy

CuboBuddy, IoT robotic educational toyThe first intelligent device on the Cubomania platform will be CuboBuddy, an IoT robotic educational toy, this little one will be in charge of demonstrating how the Cubomania ecosystem works and how all the elements interact with each other.

Likewise, the toy will deliver top quality educational content produced on the Cubomania block chain platform and by specialists in the educational and psychological areas.

This interesting device, of course, has the shape of a cube, is incorporated interactive multimedia material with movement functions and software support that will develop the creativity and motor skills of a child.

This wonderful toy will allow the little ones of the house to immerse themselves in the world of robots from an early age. The CuboBuddy can act as the control center and must be placed on the reception panel which, in turn, has to be fixed on the toy itself.

We recommend checking the White Paper of this interesting project, as well as joining its Telegram channel to keep up to date with its news.

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