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The world of gambling has seen outstanding technological advancement within the last decade. Using Cryptocurrency for gambling is now a common practice in contrast to the traditional use of fiat currency.

The use of Cryptocurrency based casino is preferable for many due to its ease of use, faster transactions, reliability, lower fees, and because most of them offers provably fair games. With the application of Cryptocurrencies, the concept of online gambling came to fruition and became an instant hit in the gambling community. The birth of these online casinos has completely changed the infrastructure of the gambling sector and revitalized the entertainment sector. Today the online gambling scene is booming, with more and more gamblers joining gambling sites as they love to gamble from the comfort of their preferred location.

However, the huge success of online gambling has attracted the attention of conniving entities. These are poor excuses for online casinos as they have horrible security protocols, slow deposit and payment options, horrendous games and not-so-friendly community of users moderated by uncaring administrators. These casinos are absolute nightmares for the gambling community and an absolute disgrace in the name of online casinos. It is crucial for one’s gambling endeavors that he does not fall prey to these fraudulent casinos and joins a casino that can meet his expectations.

This is where the elite gambling site CryptoGames establishes itself as a worthy online casino. This gambling casino is know for its excellent service – it offers top notch games, impenetrable security, flexible payment options with outstanding odds and much more.

What gives CryptoGames the edge in this highly competitive market?

CryptoGames,  it is operated by a team of dexterous professionals who possess the sufficient set of skills required to oversee a massive gambling site with a bulging community of users. These individuals are experts in their respective fields and are always prepared to tackle any issues that might rise within the site. The site moderators are extremely friendly and are always ready to respond to any queries, feedback and complaints that users might have. The site is home to a community of users who treat each other like friends and are always on the lookout for forming bonds all around the world. Such a fantastic community of like-minded people would make the transition of any new gamblers on the site easy and fast.

The site is equipped with the most modern and safest security protocols. There are deposit and withdrawal options that make financial transaction seamless and convenient. The old school games available on the site would grab the attention of any gambler browsing the site, and master them at lightning speed thanks to the numerous tutorials provided alongside the games. There is also an air of competitiveness around the site due to the lucrative wagering contests hosted by the casino. Finally, the numerous promotions and events, which are held all throughout the year, would make anyone enjoy with the festive and joyful atmosphere that is a signature trait of CryptoGames. All of this contributes in making CryptoGames one of the best gambling sites on the crypto community.

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Learn how CryptoGames has invulnerable security

Malicious hackers and attackers are always surfing the internet for any feeble signs of security. They prey on gambling sites with weak security protocols and feast on valuable user funds. The real victims are the gamblers who invest their time and cryptocurrency into such casinos and lose their money in the process. For this reason CryptoGames has taken all the steps required to shoo off attackers and provide ultimate protection to gamblers and their funds.

The use of Two-factor authentication and SSL encryption adds an almost unbreakable layer of security. Withdrawals always require email confirmation, making hackers’ jobs even more difficult. Even in desperate cases where the hackers launch an all out attack on the casino itself, the user funds will be safe and secure as they are stored in cold wallets. All these measures mean that hackers will find it impossible to get their hands on user funds unless they have complete cooperation from the users themselves.

You never have to worry about deposit and withdrawal options

CryptoGames possesses sufficient financial options, required to make transactions extremely easy and convenient for its user base. Deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrency of 10 types can be made. A variety of options is available- Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Gas, Monero, Stratis, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic. The built-in exchange system allows users to instantly switch between cryptocurrency – eliminating a users need to wait as he uses a third party to convert his cryptocurrency.

CoinSwitch has also been integrated on the CryptoGames platform, giving users the opportunity of convert most of the coins they own to the coins supported by the casino. All of these ensure seamless and lightning fast financial transactions and presents users with more time to play instead of wasting it on deciding what to deposit.

Celebrate promotions and lucrative events all throughout the year

If you love festivities and promotional events then CryptoGames is the perfect fit for you, all throughout the year, the site hosts a multitude of promotions and events that lifts the mood of the entire community of users. These events offer opportunities of earning loads of free coins, voucher codes, lottery tickets and other lucrative rewards. Last year there were special Christmas and Halloween events where all gamblers were gifted a lot of free coins in their emails. The Mondays are a special for the users due to the No Bet Speed limit, which the gamblers can exploit to collect even more coins and rewards as a larger number of bets per second can be placed during this special day. No more boring Mondays.

Do not forget the lucrative Faucet and Rain, incentives like faucet give out free coins to the user which can then be used to test strategies. These are invaluable as users do not risk losing cryptocurrency in trying our new techniques. The gamblers who possess a higher level of faucet can claim a bigger number of these coins than those with lower faucet levels. One has to complete a specific set of tasks to raise his level of faucet.

Rain is another special blessing for the gamblers of CryptoGames. This allows a gambler to be friendly and cooperative and be rewarded for his helpfulness and generosity. It is a special feature of chat box where active chatters get free coins at random intervals. Spammers are not given anything so only the friendly gamblers are justly rewarded.

Finally, there are some games with enormous jackpots, the games of Dice and Roulette currently have gargantuan jackpots that would grab the attention of any ambitious gambler. These can be claimed by an extremely tactful move. The Dice jackpot of Bitcoin currently stands at a staggering 3.8 BTC.

 If you love competition, CryptoGames is the place to be

CryptoGames loves competition, the site hosts monthly wagering contests where gamblers from all over the site compete and battle to stand tall at the top of the leaderboard. After a lengthy month long battle, winners are crowned at the end of the month and are hailed as champions of the month. These victors pocket generous rewards and are also awarded with VIP tags, granting them access to the exclusive VIP privileges, the tags last till the start of the new tournament giving winners sufficient time to relish their rewards.

CryptoGames will fulfil all your gambling expectations

In a world filled with average online casinos, CryptoGames stands shoulders above its competition. It has a set of attributes that enables it to meet the expectations of its fantastic community if users and assert its dominance in the world of gambling. It has impenetrable security, seamless and smooth deposit and withdrawal options, a fabulous library filled with old school games and it holds great promotional events all year round. Its community of friendly gamblers will make you feel at home. Lastly CryptoGames is much more than a just an average gambling site. It cares about general wellbeing. It even gives you the option of temporarily blocking your account at times when you feel you should stay off gambling. It strives to provide you with the best gambling service available on the internet.

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