CryptoGames: Bet on 10 different Games with 10 Different Cryptocurrencies

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CryptoGames is up and running on the internet as one of the well-known gambling platforms for many years now. It is known for providing consistently impartial crypto betting opportunities for both rising and veteran online gambling enthusiasts. Gamblers from all across the globe who are keen on the use of digital currencies in gaming gather here to explore the retro gambling environment under a fully modern theme. The architecture of CryptoGames offers the latest online casino games like Video Poker, Blackjack, Lottery, and 7 other games on the casino. The casino aims on targeting mass crypto gamblers who seem to seek reliable standards and fair expectations from the online casinos. CryptoGames is one of the fractions of crypto casinos that regularly displays the amusing potential of responsible gambling. The casino is serving 10 gripping games designed from scratch according to the modern gambling standard. Crypto gamblers not only get full access to the games’ list but also enjoy the free opportunity to understand and explore them using the casino’s exclusively built Play Money system. Banking system at the casino keeps 10 cryptocurrencies on the list of available digital currencies for the games. The banking system also supports fast deposits with fiat currencies using credit cards and an easy exchange system for various cryptocurrencies from reliable sources. Along with these, gamblers at CryptoGames find a list of customer services that include useful features, security policies, bigger rewards, and affiliate programs once they register at the casino. Upon completing registration, players will find the following:

Entertainment Through 10 Games

CryptoGames designed a compact and true to the concept list of games. There are a total of 10 modern games that are offered for 10 cryptocurrencies at the casino right now. Including the latest addition Keno, CryptoGames designed all the games on board from scratch and has followed the old-school gambling style under the influence of advanced crypto gambling concepts. The casino doesn’t consist of any other forms of betting as the casino hosts 10 direct games. Crypto gamblers can use any of the 10 cryptocurrencies to make transactions as needed. Except for Lottery, the rest of the games are all available for Play Money users and all 10 cryptocurrencies. The casino only offers the game Lottery to the users of 4 cryptocurrencies; Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin. Once the players register themselves at the casino, they get access to these 10 lightweight games:

  • Dice- 1.0 % 
  • DiceV2- 1.0%
  • Roulette- 2.7% 
  • Blackjack- 1.25%
  • Minesweeper- 1.0%
  • Keno- 1.0%
  • Video Poker [Average]- 2.09% 
    • Jacks or Better- 2.11%
    • Tens or Better- 2.08%
    • Bonus Poker- 2.09%
  • Plinko [Average]- 1.72%
    • Green ball- 1.63%
    • Red ball- 1.84%
    • Blue ball- 1.52%
    • Yellow ball- 1.56%
  • Slot- 1.97%
  • Lottery- 0.0%


Dice appears on top of the games list as well as the Play Now tab as the first game the casino offers to the players. Play Money along with all 10 available cryptocurrencies can be used for the game. Basic registration allows the players to play the game for free using Play Money. Dice’s noticeable winning range and exciting progressive jackpot add more to the game’s simple architecture. It is designed to be one of the simplest games to be mastered with easy rules. Before starting the game, players must fix their desired payout multiplier and choose the winning chances and proceed to carefully predict to score a win.


For many old-school gamblers, Blackjack is mostly known by the name 21. The game has easy rules that make it one of the simplest card games a new gambler can master within a short time. The game also offers an ageless gambling experience to many crypto gamblers. The simple objective of Blackjack requires the players to neatly build a hand to defeat the house. The total points of their hands must not exceed 21 and they must try to clear each deal by making the house’s hand cross 21 points. This means, that to win a round of Blackjack, a player must always choose to build the cards carefully using the dealing activities. The sum of the hand must be kept under 21 points or exactly at 21 points from the first 2 cards.


Lottery is a classic gambling game that consists of tickets and coins. In the CryptoGames version of Lottery, tickets are purchased with 4 popular cryptocurrencies. The 4 coins available for the players are Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Lottery is the only game that is not available for Play Money users to explore for free. For the players who want to participate in the lucky draw, the casino has created a Zero house edge policy that allows the players to enjoy their rewards in the full amount. There are different numbers of available tickets, pots, and drawing days dedicated for each one of the cryptocurrencies. Tickets for Lottery can also be purchased using special chat commands and players can even buy each other tickets for the game. Since the prize money also varies for each cryptocurrency, players are always free to choose their preferred ones to play the game.


Roulette is a table game that is seen widely in many casinos around the world. It is usually seen in two versions. European and American. The version that gamblers play at CryptoGames follows the European version since it has a house edge that is profitable for beginners. The game’s architecture seems a little intimidating to the new players who have no prior knowledge about the game. Therefore the game must be explored with the Play Money currency before placing the betting chips for real cryptocurrency. The players must keep a clear strategy throughout the process of choosing Neighbour bets since the game’s results depend on them mostly. In the game, bets are placed on a betting mat corresponding to the wheel that contains 37 numbers and one zero. The objective of the game is only fulfilled when gamblers throw the ball on the wheel to land on any of their predicted neighbor bets.


Plinko is designed from scratch under the theme of its original version televised in the gaming show, The Price is Right. Although it is inspired by the 1980s era, CryptoGames brings Plinko in a fully modernized version where it contains a digital pyramid built with necessary elements to entertain the players. All users of the 10 cryptocurrencies listed at the casino as well as the Play Money users can play the game. The design of Plinko shows digital pegs and four different colors of balls that influence the payout slots and multipliers. Since the winning amount only responds to the four different colored balls and the slots in which the ball lands into, Plinko has 4 different house edges for the players to choose from. The four colors found on the digitally pegged pyramid are Green, Red, Yellow, and Blue.


DiceV2 has given the players of Dice something new to explore and has established a well-designed version of the game for its players. DiceV2 is designed to be played on a board that contains a slider bar on which the dice is rolled in each round. Once the players select their payout multiplier amount and adjust the winning chances, they follow the same objective as they did in Dice. This means they roll the Dice after they make a prediction regarding its outcome. The payout multiplier and winning chances lock a green zone on the slider bar on which the dice will land if the players have made a correct guess regarding the outcome. DiceV2 also offers simple guidelines as well as progressive jackpots to add more for the players.


From the screen of 90s computers, the famous puzzle game is now widely seen at many casinos, both online and physical. The class puzzle game is now offered in CryptoGames with a lightweight architecture that attracts everyone with old-school charms presented under modern elements. The crypto version of the game is available for all 10 cryptocurrencies and Play Money users. Minesweeper is the only game in the casino that keeps an open option for withdrawal that can be enabled at any point of the game as long as the players do not set off any mine. This means players can cash out their winning amounts immediately after each round. This way players can gradually build up their reward amounts by cashing out before they hit any mine. The game’s flexible rules also allow the players to set the difficulty level of the minefield all according to their comfort level.


Video Poker:

As part of their modern game list, CryptoGames offer Video Poker with thrice the fun found through its 3 exclusive versions. The game can be accessed with all of the 10 cryptocurrencies and the Play Money currency. All three versions can be played using the available banking system. Players can change from and to any of the versions before they deal the cards. Video Poker is an easy card game that challenges the players to come up with their best strategies to win against the house. The 3 exclusive versions to switch between are: Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, and Bonus Poker. All these versions reward the players based on their individual house edges and payout multipliers.


One of the games that have effortlessly reigned in the retro gambling industry, is no other than the Slot game. It is hard to find any casino that doesn’t host a game of Slot Machine for old-school gamblers. This classic game can be played at CryptoGames with 10 different cryptocurrencies and Play Money currency. Slot players aim to clear out the simplest objective that doesn’t even require following any hard rules to win rewards. The players focus on landing a winning combination on the slot machine. With 7 different winning combinations, CryptoGames’ easy rules for the game allow players to take home their rewards immediately when one of the combinations line up in the middle.


Added very recently, Keno is the 10th game found on the list. It comes in a well-designed modern version that consists of a neat poll of numbers. Keno is designed to offer a lightweight architecture that is similar to Lottery. This means, in this game as well, players must have their numbers picked in the lucky draws. Keno players choose their lucky numbers from a poll of 40 numbers (1-40) on the field. They can pick 1 to 10 numbers from the field to make the bet. If the winning numbers are picked, the game returns the winning symbol as well as the rewards based on the payout multiplier. The game also returns unpicked winning numbers with an X on the field.

Registering An User Account

CryptoGames offers a short registration process that is simple and free for every new player. New accounts can be created without following unnecessary steps. The free registration policy allows the new gamblers to take a brief look at the casino system with their free currency, Play Money. However, full access to the casino is only handed to the players when they create a fully set up account with a password and email address. The initial registration process creates an account with 2 steps. By providing a name for their accounts and ticking off the terms and conditions, new users will be able to create a profile at the casino in no time. The registration window opens up if new players click on any of the games or the Play Now tab.

Simple Banking Facilities

The banking system offered to the players includes deposits, exchanges, and withdrawal facilities. The use of 10 popular cryptocurrencies makes gambling at CryptoGames easy for the global community. The casino allows the players with complete profiles to make use of the banking facilities. Fully complete account holders are eligible to play all the games with their very own cryptocurrencies. The smart banking systems allow users of different cryptocurrencies (which are not listed at the casino) to still enjoy crypto gambling effortlessly. 2 different banking systems can be seen on the website. One that is simple and more laid back for players who like to depend on the casinos’ in-built functions. And another one that is more advanced for players who are comfortable with using various modern banking methods on the gaming platforms. On one hand, the modern banking method allows the players to deposit fiat currencies for the games. The method supports deposits cleared through credit cards. It also supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for the games. This means, that players using any cryptocurrencies outside the 10 available cryptocurrencies, can still convert their credits to the coins in the list at the casino. On the other hand, the simple in-house banking system supports deposits, exchanges, and withdrawals through the casino’s offered methods. The casino guides the players to create withdrawal and deposit addresses if they wish to enable the in-house systems for banking. Players can convert the 10 cryptocurrencies as per their preferences directly on the casino’s website. And if they wish to make use of the updated systems, then visiting the Onramper and ChangeNow websites will clear their requirements for the transactions. Supported cryptocurrencies are:

  • Solana,
  • Bitcoin,
  • Ethereum,
  • Bitcoin Cash,
  • Litecoin,
  • DogeCoin,
  • Ethereum Classic,
  • Monero,
  • GAS,
  • Dash.

Systems for User Protection

At CryptoGames gambling is fair and safe for all users at every stage. The casino enables security systems to well preserve user data and funds through SSL encryption and google 2FA features. The security systems are enabled right from the minute a new account is fully set up for crypto gambling. The security system also ensures safety for every withdrawal through detailed verification and additional measures. The additional measure taken as a part of the security system is Email Verification. This measure is enabled at all times regardless of the active status of 2FA. This means, that withdrawal requests still must go through an email verification process.

Added Elements for Rewards and Bonuses

Each gambler at CryptoGames casino is given the opportunity to win additional rewards and bonuses through added elements found along with the games or through the features. The features hand out rewards to the players for completing even the smallest activities in the casino. While engaging in Chatbox or community discussions increases player levels, it also adds more rewards to the player accounts for their contribution in helping each other out to build a strong, friendly community on board. The Rainbot and Faucet feature adds rewards to the players’ accounts based on their player levels. In addition, three games on the list offer Progressive Jackpots that players may aim to clear out for bagging additional rewards. As of now, the games offering chances to win progressive jackpots are Dice, DiceV2, and Roulette. As hinted above, basic registration allows all players to use the free game currency Play Money as per their needs. Apart from these, participating in the monthly betting events not only enhances the gambling experience through thrilling competitions but also allows the players to win monthly VIP memberships and all its privileges. Winners take home month-long benefits along with their very own VIP title by securing their spots on the leader board. Among the VIP privileges: Drop on the Dice house edge(0.8%), No server delay regardless of bet size, High exchange limits, Engagement in the VIP chatroom, Vouchers, and Birthday gifts are the most sought-after ones by the winners.

Rewarding Promotional Programs

Upon completing their registration, all players at CryptoGames, find a referral link that they can share to promote the casino. The Referral links are provided through the “Rewards” tab under the “Invite A Friend” section. All the players who successfully refer the casino to other crypto gamblers get 15% off the house edge of all bets placed by the gamblers they referred. Referrers win their share of the rewards regardless of the win or loss of their referred players. Under the FAQ section, links to promotional banners and events can be retrieved.

Reliable Architecture for Users

The mobility of the architecture is based on a lightweight system that ensures a fast and lag-free browsing experience from any device. The website doesn’t crowd the layout with any unnecessary pop-ups or data instead it only consists of the necessary information and the main attraction, the games. A list of modern features is always on the display for the players to explore from any type of device they use. The UI of the casino also adds FAQ, BLOG, Forum, Chat Rules, and Support pages all under the same page to guide the players easily. It also provides all gamblers with the privilege to recheck and analyze their betting history using hash and seeds. This privilege falls under the casino’s fair gambling policy which also comes hand in hand with their responsible gambling policy ensuring a safe and responsible environment for its players.

Verdict on CryptoGames

All in all, CryptoGames is making its mark in the industry as a well-equipped crypto casino that is ready to serve both experienced and novice gamblers equally. The casino is indeed a space built on fair and safe entertainment foundations that serve unlimited entertainment through 10 handpicked games. The system is being maintained and developed efficiently to offer the users on the website, a smoothly functional modern transaction system, innovative entertainment sources, and events to create a notable reputation on the internet. The casino is also working on its offerings by updating its existing features as well as adding new ones to the layout. Their gambling events and referral links, and newly added games offer unending opportunities to take part in the amusing world of crypto gambling.  Adequate safety measures and no scope of adulteration in its system surely build the CryptoGames platform as a good choice for futuristic digital gamblers who seek new standards to review.

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