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Could Facebook be a magnet for new investors in the blockchain with its new cryptocurrency?

In the last month, a survey was carried out by the financial products market Lend EDU, which was directed to the acceptance or rejection of the Americans towards the future cryptocurrency of Facebook.

The survey was conducted as follows. Some 1000 Americans aged 18 and over were surveyed and the data showed that 7% said they had ever invested or that they currently have a moving investment in one or more cryptocurrencies.

facebook crytocurrency

In addition, surprisingly 57% of those interviewed said that they would be interested in buying the cryptocurrency of Facebook since they have more on Facebook since, according to them, it would be a “reliable product because it is Facebook”.

This sounds a bit strange because in the last two years Facebook has been full of scandals and lawsuits due to the privacy of data handled by the company, leading its director to testify in court.

They also mention that more than a cryptocurrency itself would be a “digital currency”, which in the beginning would be launched in India with the aim of helping workers out of the country to send money to their relatives within the country.

not only Facebook but also other companies that have raised the use of the cryptocurrency for transfers and thus get out of the way to international transfer fees that sometimes are high.

David Marcus is the leader of the Project, former president of PayPal and now a Facebook worker who entered the company to run the messenger project and that earlier this year announced that he would be the leader of the Blockchain project of the Facebook Company.

At the moment the date of ” premiere ” of this new cryptocurrency is unknown, what we can anticipate is that it will be interesting to see the progress of this in the market.

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