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Contentos Collaborates with Chainlink in Calculating the Advertising Value of Content Creators


Contentos is the latest project to integrate Chainlink‘s oracle solution as a way to get access to off-chain data. The project is a public blockchain for global content and aims to disrupt the online advertising industry.

Chainlink, as a significant Oracle solution developer, will collaborate with Contentos to provide accurate live data for its blockchain network.

“Decentralized content ecosystem @contentosio will use Chainlink to aggregate performance data from cross-platform content. Such data provides insights into a content creator’s influence, which can facilitate cash advances, tokenized investment & more,” tweeted Chainlink.

Contentos uses the data provided by Chainlink oracle solution to calculate the current and future value of content creators.

Oracle Solution to Disrupt the Advertising Industry

Contentos has a proprietary token named COS. Content creators that are active on the Contentos platform can monetize their content via distribution of the token.

Content consumers can reward their favorite content creators with COS token.


Currently, there are multiple services and products active on Contentos platform. COS.tv and PhotoGrid are two of the most popular ones. The former is a video content platform, and the latter is a photo editing app.

Contentos needs access and interaction with the current content infrastructure on the web to evolve faster. Such famous existing platforms like Youtube and Instagram are in which the most content on the internet is produced.

This interaction that connects an off-chain platform with an on-chain one needs an oracle solution to provide accurate data from traditional platforms. Contentos chose Chainlink as the primary oracle solution provider.

“Through Chainlink, Contentos can source and aggregate data from numerous sources using multiple independent, Sybil resistant, and security reviewed oracles. This ensures that Contentos only takes in highly accurate data that is resistant to central attack vectors,” the company said in the recent announcement.

The main reason for connecting the Contentos platform with traditional systems is to provide a content valuation platform for the advertising industry.

Contentos will use the off-chain data as a performance metric for content creators. Advertisers will use those metrics to measure the current and future value of the creators.