Consumer Identity World USA 2018

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The Consumer Identity World USA 2018 conference will be held from September 19 to 21 at the Motif Hotel in the city of Seattle. The event will be directed by a series of prestigious speakers who will share their experiences with CIAM (Consumer Identity and Access Management) with each of the speakers.

A golden opportunity to network and interact with influential professionals from various sectors.

Consumer identity and Access Management has become the basis of marketing for many companies nowadays. The customer experience is everything, so it is necessary to offer the best encounter during the sales process to get better conversions.

The idea of this system is to create a strategy in which the consumer feels comfortable and begins to identify himself better with the brand. If the consumer enjoys the treatment he receives from the brand, he may become an active speaker of the brand, recommending it to his acquaintances and even defending it over other companies.

In the current digital landscape, the consumer has more power and that will be increasing every time, so it is important that brands assimilate and devise strategies to improve the customer experience.

This is the true key to success in the markets of the 21st century in all sectors, and whoever does not apply it may have it more difficult to grow.

A good CIAM strategy has as a consequence the strengthening of the brand image in the eyes of its potential consumers, improves the use of resources to optimize the customer experience and generates greater confidence. All this translates into a better market positioning.

This is what the Consumer Identity World USA 2018 revolves around. The main analysts and experts who will attend will share their experiences in their strategies of Consumer Identity and Access Management. Strategies that took their companies to the top and have remained so for the past years.

A unique opportunity

Consumer Identity World USA 2018 is one of the most anticipated events of the year in the United States by hundreds of businessmen and entrepreneurs. During these days you will be able to see the presentations of more than 40 speakers with extensive experience in the various processes that make up the identity management and consumer access.

This is the best possible opportunity to learn from experienced and successful entrepreneurs who have applied the knowledge they will share in their own companies, making them a reference in their respective markets.

The presentations will be led by professionals such as Christiaan Brand, Microsoft Product Manager, Anne Gorman, Mr. Architect, Identity and Access Administration of Royal Caribbean, or Brad Hil, Facebook Engineer.

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