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Coinlib is a platform with multiple functionalities, where besides being able to follow the prices of cryptocurrencies in real time, it offers different services, which we will expand on below.

Services offered by Coinlib

Currency Comparison Tool

Make comparisons between two currencies and obtain information of great use, such as if the currency is minable or not, what proof of work it uses or its current position in the cryptocurrency market.

You can also analyze the market capitalization, the rank history, the trading volume or the percentage of rise or fall of the cryptocurrencies compared in the time frame you choose.



In coinlib you have the possibility of creating a portfolio, where you can track your cryptocurrencies or those which you are interested in, configure alarms to be up-to-date on price increases and decreases, vote the different cryptocurrencies … among other advanced functions.

In order to perform these actions you will need to have an account registered in Coinlib.

Top 10 cryptocurrencies with greater and lesser profit value

Get to know the listing of the Top 10 Cryptocurrencies that are getting the most benefit and the least, during the last hour, 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days.

In this section you can see its price, capitalization, volume, and percentage of increase or decrease.


Here you can find out the volume of the most important exchanges, as well as information such as:

  • The transaction flow in the last 24 hours.
  • The cryptocurrencies accepted in the exchange.
  • The traded coin pairs with the greatest volume in the last 24h.

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In the news section you will get a selection of news, interviews, articles or publications related to cryptocurrencies.

Within the pages dedicated to each currency or exchange, you will also find a small news section talking about them.

Best prices.

Find the best and worst trading prices of the different pairs of cryptocurrencies, being able to find the fastest route (the exchange that provides most or least benefit), or which exchange combination to use to make a greater profit by sending the coins of one exchange to the other before making the change.

This search can be filtered by exchanges from China, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United States, Canada, Ukraine, Japan, South Korea and decentralized Exchanges by only showing the selected ones or all at the same time.

Cryptocurrency calculator.

In Coinlib you can calculate the value of your cryptocurrencies, both in fiat and in other cryptocurrencies, using its simple calculator.

Global charts

Know the total volume of the market, which cryptocurrency dominates the market, the flow of it or which are the 20 main cryptocurrencies by capitalization or by market volume.

Website Widgets

Configure different options of the page to your liking. Coinlib lets you choose between a Dark or Light theme, the number of TOP coins to show, the Fiat coin in which you want to see the prices …

You can also get the web-code of several of these functions to put them on your website.

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