CoinGate Adds Solana to Payment Options, USDC Stablecoin Coming Soon

CoinGate Adds Solana to Payment Options, USDC Stablecoin Coming Soon
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  • CoinGate has integrated the Solana network into its payment gateway, allowing transactions in SOL and USDC.
  • Merchants using the platform can now accept payments in SOL and USDC through the Solana network.
  • The integration of Solana reflects the company’s commitment to adapt to the changing needs of the crypto community and offer broader payment options.

CoinGate, a renowned cryptocurrency payment processor, has announced the integration of the Solana network into its payment platform.

Starting today, merchants can accept Solana (SOL) and the stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) using the Solana network through CoinGate.

Solana is known for its speed and efficiency in the blockchain world, making it a popular choice among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The Solana network currently has 868,000 daily active users, according to Coin98 Analytics, placing it as the fifth most popular blockchain worldwide.

The integration of Solana into the exchange  expands the payment options available to the platform’s users and merchants.

Merchants can expect an increase in transactions thanks to Solana‘s growing popularity and strong features.

Dmitrijus Borisenka, Co-Founder of CoinGate, expressed excitement about the integration, highlighting its potential to benefit both the Solana community and the firm customers by boosting customer engagement and increasing purchase orders.

For merchants using CoinGate, SOL and USDC activation is automatic on launch day.

Managing SOL payments is easily done through the “Currency Settings” tab on the platform.

The inclusion of Solana reinforces the company’s position as a platform committed to the evolution of the cryptographic ecosystem and the facilitation of fluid transactions for its users.

This partnership also underscores Solana’s continued importance as a leading blockchain in the crypto industry.

CoinGate Adds Solana to its Payment Options, USDC Stablecoin Coming Soon

Boosting the adoption of cryptocurrencies with CoinGate and Solana

Solana‘s integration into CoinGate not only expands payment options, but also drives widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies in e-commerce and digital services.

Solana‘s accessibility and ease of use through the exchange can attract new users and traders to the crypto ecosystem, strengthening its usefulness and relevance in the global market.

With the successful integration of Solana, the platform is expected to continue exploring new partnerships and technologies to provide its users and merchants with even more advanced and secure payment experiences.

This collaboration could also open doors to future integrations of other popular cryptocurrencies, further strengthening CoinGate‘s position in the global digital payments landscape.


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