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Coinbates and its Cryptocashback

One of the most successful connotations of the correct application of cryptocurrencies as a payment instrument is that of adding value to the users of cryptography. With loyalty plans, bonuses and even cashback programs encouraging savings in cryptocurrency, new and interesting e-commerce platforms are emerging that make the use of cryptocurrencies a priority. This is the case of Coinbates and its cryptocasback.

Coinbates is an e-commerce platform that is known for promoting its innovative launch of cryptocashback shopping, with which it also aims to ensure that the market can incorporate new merchants into an easier, safer and more profitable economy for all its customers.

Explain the cryptocashback part of understanding that by issuing cryptography in the form of refund for purchases the financial pressure on the buyer as well as the current cryptography technique is mitigated. The main scope of this is that consumers take advantage of the business of the commercial models and the existing networks, and in this way they will also be educating about the ingenious emerging economy that is based on the use of cryptocurrencies.

Users can enjoy a complete catalog with varied trademarks, while they will have the opportunity to observe as soon as the cashback crypto is being quoted for each merchant.

Basically each buyer should only click and proceed to buy; with which you will be sent the refund of the purchases you make according to the cryptography selected on the platform.

Every user who wants to take advantage of the cryptocashback in Coinbates should only create an account, which is configured without installing anything, and is completely easy and fast to do.

Users once in their account within the platform can see the list of merchants catalog by clicking on the participating businesses of this business. Just complete the operation with payment through debit or credit card and the user will obtain purchase percentages of the cryptography that he chooses.

For merchants, this is a valuable way to reach new customers by increasing the audience of consumers stimulated by savings in cryptocurrency.

The business model for merchants is simple, merchants pay commission on the various sales that are sent to the website, then take part of that by transforming it into cryptocurrency returning them to users.

When this procedure is performed Coinbates gives liquidity to the different markets, stimulating the use of cryptocurrencies among consumers at no additional cost.

Currently up to 12 cryptocurrencies can be used on the platform: Bitcoin, BATES Tokens, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, Nano, Binance Coin, EOS, IOTA, Bitcoin Cash, ZCash, and XRP.

There are three types of membership in the Coinbates platform: Free, Premium and Maximum. The free membership offers little crypto cashback. Premium accounts offer many cashbacks, unlike free ones; and the Maximum also allows you to enjoy all available cryptocurrencies. Each membership is billed annually and paid in BATES token, which is the native token of the platform.

The BATES token is intended to connect with consumers and companies by integrating them into the commercial processes of Coinbates. The tokens are the access for those companies that wish to reach the data of the users of this platform.

To learn more about this platform, we recommend checking its White Paper, and joining at their Telegram channel.

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