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Coinbase Wallet Natively Integrates Optimistic Ethereum

Ethereum Optimism announced a critical partnership and integration with Coinbase wallet. The new integration can be a considerable step forward for this team. Coinbase wallet has a good user-base, and Ethereum Optimism can benefit from the new wave of users to expand its reach and become a common choice for wallet developers.Ethereum Optimism focuses on the scaling process of Ethereum and tries to offer the best choices to remove the burdens in that path. This protocol can support a massive scale but still needs lots of support and adoption to become mature. The new partnership with Coinbase wallet can help them a lot.

The blog post by the Ethereum Optimism team refers to Ethereum founder Vitalik Butterin to show the importance of user experience in promoting the blockchain and its products.

“In the migration to rollups, the biggest challenge is User Experience. Making sure users only do secure things by default and don’t accidentally do insecure things…the biggest part of the answer is a comprehensive ecosystem-level push [and] the first push is wallets.”


Coinbase wallet is a non-custodial wallet and dApp browser from the famous company in the blockchain ecosystem. When a product from a big player like Coinbase decides to use new protocols, you can be optimistic about the future of growth and scaling for the Ethereum ecosystem. The wallet that now works with Sinthetix’s Mintr frontend is accessible on testnet.

The new partnership with Coinbase can help Ethereum Optimism grow faster and work better with big cryptocurrency wallets. It has been the result of an ecosystem collaboration that Ethereum Optimism point to it:

“Wallet infrastructure is one of a large number of challenges we will face as an ecosystem moving to layer 2. From managing deposit and withdrawal UX to optimizing EVM implementations, there are so many exciting challenges & opportunities. It is only with the help of amazing engineers, designers, and visionaries across the community that we can hope to realize the dream of a truly usable blockchain. We are delighted that Coinbase is a part of the community, making Ethereum a bit more Optimistic.”

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