Coinbase Wallet Launches Instant Messaging Feature for Ethereum Addresses

Coinbase Wallet Launches Instant Messaging Feature for Ethereum Addresses
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Coinbase Wallet, one of the largest self-custody crypto wallets globally, has introduced a feature that enables instant messaging between any two Ethereum addresses. The messaging capability will utilize the Extensible Message Transport Protocol (XMTP), ensuring encrypted, private, and lightweight wallet-to-wallet communication.

Previously, the wallet allowed users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, bridge digital assets across different networks, and interact with web3 and blockchain-based websites and applications. Now, users can communicate directly through their wallets, eliminating the need for third-party messaging platforms.

Coinbase Wallet Introduces Encrypted and Portable Messaging

This new messaging feature offers end-to-end encryption, ensuring that all conversations remain private. Users can also take their chats and chat histories to other XMTP-compatible apps, allowing for a seamless transition and continuity across different platforms. Meanwhile, the adoption of XMTP allows users to maintain their messaging history even if Coinbase Wallet ceases support in the future.

Coinbase Wallet Introduces Encrypted and Portable Messaging

According to the official announcement, the Coinbase Wallet will initially roll out the messaging feature to a small group of users, including those from the Web3 social platform Lens Protocol. Users interested in accessing the feature can do so through the Coinbase Wallet mobile app and a .lens account. Alternatively, they can receive an invitation via a QR code.

Furthermore, users who have used other XMTP apps like Orb and Lenster will find all their chats conveniently available in their Coinbase Wallet inbox.

The messaging feature on Coinbase Wallet opens up new possibilities for the crypto ecosystem. It enables wallet holders to connect and facilitates communication among NFT and POAP holders who share the same assets. This feature can lead to valuable connections that may have otherwise been missed and even allows users to make offers and strike deals directly through messaging.

“Messaging on Coinbase Wallet addresses a set of challenges you may have encountered, such as accidentally sending crypto to the wrong address, someone claiming ownership of an .eth username they do not possess, or fake online profiles on social media platforms,” the company said.

Users can communicate with confidence, knowing they can verify the identity of the person they are interacting with through their wallet information. Moreover, the messaging feature provides convenience, safety, and security, as users can view their balances and transactions directly within the chat interface.

Coinbase Wallet’s introduction of instant messaging signifies a significant step in the evolution of crypto wallets. While most crypto wallets solely focus on buying, selling, and transferring cryptocurrencies, Coinbase Wallet is leading the way by integrating messaging capabilities, streamlining communication, and enhancing the overall user experience.


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