Coinbase Unveils Subscription Service with Zero Transaction Costs

Coinbase Unveils Subscription Service with Zero Transaction Costs
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In a move aimed at enhancing user retention and generating recurring revenue, Coinbase, America’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, revealed its latest offering, Coinbase One, a membership account that provides a range of benefits including zero trading fees, augmented staking rewards, and priority customer support.

Although access to these perks requires a monthly fee of $30, the advantages it presents are poised to reshape the crypto trading landscape.

Initially introduced as a beta version in the fall of 2021, Coinbase One has now been made available to the public in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland. The company has ambitious plans to extend the service to an additional 31 European countries in the near future.

Zero trading fees and more

Coinbase One seeks to offer an extensive experience that maximizes users’ potential gains by catering to both frequent traders and long-term investors.

For active traders, the product eliminates the burden of trading fees on every transaction, enabling members to execute multiple trades across a vast array of assets without incurring additional costs. Simultaneously, long-term investors gain the opportunity to leverage the full breadth of Coinbase’s offerings, ensuring their investments are optimized for growth.

Zero trading fees and more

Furthermore, by reducing commissions for staking popular cryptocurrencies such as ADA, ATOM, SOL, and XTZ, this feature empowers its members to earn more from their crypto holdings while sidestepping added fees.

In a strategic move to further enrich the ecosystem, the exchange has partnered with renowned companies such as Messari, CoinTracker, Alto IRA, Blockworks’ Permissionless, and Lemonade, granting members exclusive perks through these collaborations.

Notably, these new benefits are distinct from the premium accounts already offered by Coinbase. Meanwhile, it’s important to mention that the zero trading fee offer does not extend to Advanced Trade, Coinbase Pro, or Coinbase Prime, which all retain their separate fee structures and features.

To commemorate the launch, early members have an exclusive opportunity to claim Founding Member non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for a limited time. These NFTs serve as a symbol of Coinbase One’s inception and are only available to those who sign up during the initial launch period.

With Coinbase revolutionizing the crypto trading landscape through Coinbase One, traders and investors alike can now capitalize on a suite of premium features while mitigating unnecessary expenses. As the company expands its reach across Europe and beyond, it aims to solidify its position as a frontrunner in the cryptocurrency exchange world, offering unparalleled benefits to its growing community of members.


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