Coinbase Launches Essential Feature: Pre-Launch Markets for Unreleased Tokens

Coinbase Launches Pre-Launch Markets for Unreleased Tokens
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  • Coinbase’s New Feature: Coinbase has launched pre-launch markets on its International Exchange and Coinbase Advanced platforms, allowing users to trade perpetual futures contracts on unreleased tokens, with up to 2x leverage.
  • Risks and Regulations: These pre-launch markets come with unique index price mechanisms and elevated risks like lower liquidity and higher volatility. They are not available in the U.S., U.K., or Canada.
  • Strategic Partnerships and Global Reach: Coinbase has partnered with Fireblocks Network to offer secure trading features and is committed to providing robust trading infrastructure for institutional investors globally.

Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has introduced an innovative feature on its International Exchange and Coinbase Advanced platforms: pre-launch markets for unreleased tokens.

This groundbreaking initiative allows eligible retail users to engage in price discovery by trading perpetual futures contracts on tokens yet to hit the market.

Eligible institutional clients can access these markets through Coinbase International Exchange, while retail traders can utilize Coinbase Advanced. Participants can take long or short positions with up to 2x leverage on these yet-to-be-released tokens.

Once the tokens are listed on relevant spot exchanges, the contracts will seamlessly transition into standard perpetual futures contracts. However, these markets are not available in the U.S., U.K., or Canada.

Unique Index Price Mechanism and Elevated Risks

Pre-launch markets operate under a distinct index price mechanism and come with conversion risks that differ from standard perpetual futures markets. They also carry heightened risks such as lower liquidity, increased volatility, and a greater chance of liquidation. These factors contribute to a more fluctuating market that could lead to potential losses.

Strategic Partnership with Fireblocks Network

Coinbase Launches Pre-Launch Markets for Unreleased Tokens

Coinbase International Exchange’s partnership with Fireblocks Network enhances its offerings by providing secure trading features for both institutional and retail clients in selected regions. Fireblocks’ expertise in digital asset security facilitates a safe connection for customers’ accounts via its network.

Coinbase’s Commitment to Global Clientele

Coinbase International Exchange CEO Usman Naeem has emphasized the company’s commitment to providing a strong trading platform for its worldwide users. The international sector specifically serves institutional investors from countries other than the U.S., granting them access to trade perpetual cryptocurrency futures starting in 2023.

The crypto community has reacted with a mix of enthusiasm and concern over this new venture. While pre-launch markets offer an exciting avenue for price speculation on upcoming projects, they also present significant risks outlined on Coinbase’s updated Help page. To safeguard users, Coinbase has set strict leverage limits, position size caps, and isolated margin modes for these markets.

In conclusion, Coinbase’s pre-launch markets represent a bold step towards innovative trading solutions in the cryptocurrency space. As users navigate this new terrain, they must remain vigilant of the risks while exploring the potential rewards of early investment in future tokens.


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