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Coinbase Earn Gets Its First Stablecoin Ethereum Based, Dai (DAI)

Barely a month has gone by, and Coinbase education portal dubbed Coinbase earn got its first ever stablecoin Dai from Ethererum based ecosystem. Through its Coinbase earn program users across the globe now have a chance to make some cash from just learning more about the Dai coin.

Through Coinbase earn portal you now have a chance to grab part of the 100 million US dollars which will be up for grabs through its Earn initiative program. However, for now, eager Dai customers can learn more from the educational portal by watching videos and answering quizzes about different protocols and earn cash.

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The latter videos and quizzes guarantee Dai enthusiasts them between 6 to 2 US dollars per lesson. With Dai stablecoin now available on Coinbase educative portal, its joins other listed crypto assets already on the exchange. The other assets now available besides Dai are ZRX, BAT, ZEC, XLM, and EOS.

As investors it’s a standard norm for them to be skeptical about new assets coming up in the markets. For crypto-based assets, whether coins or tokens, many people are new to them and don’t understand them. However, Coinbase educative portal is providing a solution for the above group of investors.

Instead of jumping into the waters without any prior knowledge, why don’t you try out Coinbase educative program before all that? The latter is in place to help you as a new investor learn more about an asset, and that’s not all. Now you get some kickbacks for going through the videos and quizzes to learn more.

Coinbase pays you for spending time on the portal. While stablecoin Dai is now available, Coinbase isn’t stopping at only enabling its user to earn money from learning. The main idea behind rewarding users with some cash is to generate different activities around assets such as mining, voting, staking and lastly buying.

Furthermore, through Coinbase earn, Coinbase is helping the growth of smaller coins which aren’t at the level of major coins such as Bitcoin. Similarly, their efforts will help fast-track mass adoption of crypto since the more people understand cryptocurrencies the more investments will be made in the sector as a whole.

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