Clove Launched EmailTezos; an Email-Based Wallet for Tezos

Clove Launched EmailTezos; an Email-Based Wallet for Tezos

Clove launched EmailTezos as a tool to grow the Tezos community to everyone with an email address. The new wallet shows the capabilities of Tezos cryptocurrency to grow the overall industry of blockchain and crypto. Clove believes the project combines two of the best technologies of the modern world: Blockchain and the Internet.

Clove is one of the leading developer teams in the Tezos community. They focus on blockchain-based tools to attract as many users to the ecosystem as possible. EmailTezos is the latest product from Clove that Siva Ragavan, CEO of the company, talked about it in Medium.

Email is one of the oldest products of the internet era and still is among the most popular ones. Many users around the world use their email addresses daily to keep work and personal communications alive. Different email service providers still fight for more shares on the market because of the vast potential of this internet-based tool. Clove recognized this popularity and focused some efforts to combine it with the blockchain technology that still looks for more adoption among regular users.

Tezos, as one of the most popular public blockchain networks, provides various services to developers and users. The Proof-of-Stake governance system that Tezos uses makes it unique regarding upgrading abilities, and so on. Clove used Tezos blockchain as the underlying blockchain for its email-based cryptocurrency wallet because of all those benefits.TEZOS

EmailTezos lets everyone to have a wallet to store Tezos cryptocurrency. It is the main advantage of the new wallet that makes it very easy for average users to enter the cryptocurrency field. They don’t need to install any third-party applications, either. Ravagan notes some other benefits for the new wallet as follows:

  • Support for FA1.2 assets — to extend the power of Tezos to new use cases. tzBTC is supported today. More coming soon.
  • Support for FA2 Assets — Coming soon.
  • A new way to send Tezos to people — by entering just their email addresses — whether they have been previously onboarded or not.
  • Bakers Marketplace— to help users find the right Baker and earn rewards by delegating their XTZ
  • Finally, the ability to login directly in to Decentralized apps built on Tezos.