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There is no doubt that we are attending one of the most interesting times in technological developments and innovations in all fields, and especially those innovations that involve blockchain technology. The field of health is also being addressed by blockchain platforms and solutions, so this time we will talk about Clintex Clinical Trials Intelligence, and its benefits.

Clintex Clinical Trials Intelligence presents itself as a data management software solution for the clinical trials industry that takes advantage of blockchain technology for its development.

Talking about what clinical trials are, pharmaceutical companies around the world always conduct clinical trials to determine how safe and effective the medicines and other medical treatments they are developing are.

Clinical trials are an integral part of the development of medical treatments, in addition to being a multi-billion dollar industry that is constantly growing in both size and cost. However, it has been happening that although clinical trials have increased in quantity, this is not the case with drugs finally approved, with the potential millionaire loss that this represents.

Failed clinical trials are a sensitive issue, which although harmful to the pharmaceutical company, certainly have a greater impact on the cost of medical care and the quality of human life. Failures and delays in the development of medications to relieve chronic and acute diseases mean more pain and suffering for many people.

Reducing research costs and improving results is a challenge for the entire pharmaceutical industry, but any solution with clinical trials has enormous potential. Smart data analysis could help the pharmaceutical industry reduce costs and accelerate the delivery of new drugs. Clintex points precisely in that direction.

Clintex Clinical Trials Intelligence

Clintex Clinical Trials IntelligenceClintex CTi offers a complete software package that allows the pharmaceutical industry to visualize the clinical trial while it is taking place. Clintex is building a platform in which data can be aggregated and shared among interested parties, processing data, and allowing their visualization at all times.

Thanks to Clintex CTi researchers will be able to determine exactly what should be improved or changed with the clinical trial running in real time. For the first time, researchers will be able to predict the likelihood of key events that could affect the capacity of a clinical trial and deliver the necessary clinical data that regulators accept as evidence of the efficacy and safety of the drug that is ultimately tested.

ClinTex CTi also makes feasible the performance of crucial functions of clinical trials such as the recruitment of clinical trial volunteers, the recruitment of researchers to carry out the test and the hiring of providers to complete routine services, from the analysis of blood until cleaning.

ClinTex handles its license payment software with their own cryptocurrency that allows them to pay the parties involved without problems, regardless of their physical location. Thanks to the intelligent contract functionality, the ClinTex platform allows payments to be completed automatically when the established benchmarks and milestones are agreed upon.

ClinTex will hold a token generation event (TGE) in Q3 2018 to distribute CLX, the native token for the CTi Ecosystem.

To know more aspects of the project, we recommend checking its WhitePaper, and joining their Telegram channel to be updated with respect to the generating tokens event and other news.


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