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CIBUS Food Ecosystem: Blockchain technology to revolutionize the food industry

Solutions based on blockchain are emerging with strength in various areas of everyday life. This is the case of the food supply chain, whose problems in its traditional conception are barely coordinated between consumers and food producers and distributors, so that food security is often compromised. To address this reality and provide an innovative solution in which all stakeholders win, the CIBUS ecosystem is presented, and we will talk about it here.

The CIBUS network is an ecosystem based on blockchain focused on health foods and supplements that ensure the origin, quality and compliance with transparency. The genesis of the CIBUS platform is to bring food and dietary supplements, manufacturers, producers, vendors or merchants to a functional, interactive and mutually profitable platform based on blockchain technology, taking advantage of the advantages of this technology.

The food ecosystem of CIBUS will facilitate the tracking of food and supplements, ensuring that tracking and tracing are unalterable, thus restoring consumer faith. The authenticity and transparency of the CIBUS trace empowered by blockchain will reduce food fraud, crime and food adulteration.

The business model of the CIBUS platform will focus on 4 modules in a first phase:

  1. CIBUS trace

Traceability is the ability to track any food and dietary supplement at all stages of production, processing and distribution. Traceability also means that movements can be traced back and forth at any point of the supply, with the inalterability that only blockchain guarantees.

  1. Social CIBUS

CIBUS social is conceived as an interactive social platform that connects with food vendors, other users, and will allow multimedia exchange, which aims to become a global forum for people with special dietary requirements, user reviews, share recipes, comments of users, etc.

  1. CIBUS Retail

It is a virtual market of Business to Consumer (B2C) based on blockchain technology and native cryptocurrency as a means of transaction. Consumers will be able to buy food products and provide their comments based on their experience. Buyers can purchase food products and dietary supplements based on their traceability data found in the block chain through the CIBUS tracking module. Consumers and commercial operators will have to make transactions with the CIBUS token, which will boost the popularity of the token. Each transaction in CIBUS will grant a micro-fee based on the size of the transaction.

  1. Trade CIBUS

CIBUS Trade is intended for bulk purchase by merchants or manufacturers. All transactions will be made through the CIBUS token, however initially transactions can be made in USD to start these operations.

If there is any attempt to alter a food item, the CIBUS blockchain technology will immediately notify the producers and retailers. This will eliminate the possibility of batch withdrawals and save a considerable cost.

The CIBUS ecosystem will really reduce the cost of doing business. Today, small producers are chained by a limited opportunity to climb and a huge cost to venture into conventional marketing. The CIBUS network distributed throughout the world will provide a ready market for all partners.

The native cryptocurrency of the ecosystem is CIBUS, based on the ERC-20 standard. This token allows trust within the platform among all the participants. It is the currency for all transactions, mode of payment for transaction fees, custody and advertising services, and providing business analysis and transactional intelligence. All parties conducting transactions must buy and pay using CIBUS tokens.

CIBUS currencies are also the means to pay fees, referral bonuses, rewards programs, incentives and other rewards payments. Currently, the pre-sale stage of the CIBUS token is active and will last until February 28. The ICO will take place from that date, and until March 28.

To learn more about joining the CIBUS world, you can contact: [email protected] or join their Telegram chat.

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