Chinese Blockchain Research Company Unifive Technology Group Launches Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center

Unifive Technology Group, one of the oldest Chinese blockchain research company, has launched a Global Blockchain Value and Application Research. The initiative aims to develop a path on which blockchain technology will impact the future societies and innovation in almost every field of life.

Unifive Technology Group made the announcement in a press release published on Tuesday, May 26th. The centre was launched in the recently held Global Blockchain Value and Application Seminar held on May 22, at the Science and Technology Innovation Center, located in the Shanghai Bay area.

The seminar brought together blockchain experts, brand experts from well-known university blockchain laboratories, entrepreneurs, and representatives from public chain founders where they discussed “the impact of blockchain technology in value and application on future society, developing trends, and future market opportunities including technology, application, ecology, innovation, carrying and influence.”

The seminar, chaired by CEO of Unifive Technology Group and vice chairman of the China Blockchain Ecological Alliance, Li Jingnan, was co-sponsored by Shanghai Development Research Foundation, the Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Shanghai Bay Area Tech Innovation Management Committee, and China Internet Industry Chamber of Commerce Agricultural Internet Branch.


According to the announcement, Cao Xianfeng, executive deputy director of the Shanghai Bay District Management Committee, Sun Yinliang, director of the Shanghai Bay District Management Committee, and  mayor of Shanyang Town in Shanghai Jinshan District were present at the seminar.

The Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center has also announced first 16 experts for the initiative. Most notable names include Chu Jiahai, executive director of China-Australia Blockchain Association; Li Jiang, science and technology expert and former CTO of Microsoft China; Xian Junxing, head of the Deloitte Asia-Pacific Blockchain Lab; Wang Yingshuai, head of China’s blockchain future talent development program under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China; Qiao Yide, vice chairman and secretary-general of Shanghai Development Research Foundation.

The Global Blockchain Value and Application Research Center is also to launch a ranking program twice a month. The ranking will scale participating companies from A to D and 12 levels from A+ to D. Evaluation will be done through a blockchain evaluation index system, which evaluates a company’s technology technology, innovation, application, carrying, ecology, and influence.

The initiative is calling on candidates from all over the world. The first ranking list will be released on June 22, which will feature selected companies from 20 candidate including public chains, alliance chains, and private chains.