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Chainlink is Now the Recommended Oracle Solution on PlatON

Chainlink is Now the Recommended Oracle Solution on PlatON

PlatON announced a new partnership with Chainlink. They will integrate Chainlink’s decentralized oracle solution in their next-generation PoS blockchain platform. The initial phase of integration will be done on the PlatON mainnet sandbox named Alaya.

“This integration ensures developers building on our scalable, decentralized, privacy-preserving blockchain have access to Chainlink’s highly secure and reliable oracles for building more advanced smart contract applications that interact with real-world information and systems, including premium data providers, legacy systems, IoT networks, cloud infrastructure, and more,” announced PlatON.

Creating More Reliable Smart Contracts on PlatON

Price feed oracles are the most popular products from Chainlink that many blockchains use to provide secure, reliable data to their developers. PlatON will integrate these fields at first to make it easier for financial product developers. Other developers looking for trustful data streams can benefit from these feeds, too. One of the most important goals of the latest integration is moving faster towards fully decentralizing Alaya mainnet.

PlatON focused on its scalability as a competitive advantage. They claim that making Defi is a lot easier on this scalable blockchain. The platform supports EVM and WASM. These features help developers port their smart contracts from other blockchains to PlatON.

When a blockchain like PlatON provides data sources from reliable providers like Chainlink, developers can create more versatile products.

“Integrating Chainlink’s oracles greatly expands the number and variety of applications smart contract developers can now build on the PlatON and Alaya networks,” stated James Qu, CTO of PlatON. “Instead of spending time and resources on building oracle architecture, developers can simply leverage Chainlink’s plug’n’play oracle solution for key price feeds and off-chain resources. This allows our team and ecosystem developers to focus solely on building our blockchain platform and decentralized applications without worrying about the challenges of oracle development and maintenance.”

PlatON plans to expand partnership with Chainlink to provide more data oracles to the developers. One of the most important plans of expansion is enabling access to real-time price feeds of derivative products. Giving access to historical market data and upgrading calculation formulas are other plans of expanding partnerships with Chainlink.

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