Chainalysis Launches Partnership Program to Bolster Its Service Provision and Expand Territory


New York-based blockchain analytics company Chainalysis has launched a new partnership program to onboard new services and technical partners to broaden its services across the world.

The company offers compliance services as well as transaction tracking software to customers including governments, public and private corporations but most importantly to law enforcement agencies that need to track transaction flow, also called blockchain forensics.

The company has been around since 2014 and over the years it has carved a niche that is growing rapidly as more companies and people start to use and integrate the use of cryptocurrencies in their business processes.

According to its Thursday announcement, Chainalysis has positioned its partnership program to address three aspects of its intention.

The first being the need to alias with infrastructure providers to “broaden cryptocurrency transaction monitoring via simpler integrations.”

The next group of partners will encompass those that help with the distribution of its services across different markets such as the Asia Pacific (APAC) region in which the company has announced an interest to which it intends to expand.


The last group of partners will be data providers who will provide data to the company to “bolster its intelligence on the legitimate and illicit services that use crypto to transact.”

“Partners will include companies that specialize in compliance software, cryptocurrency investigations and training specialists, core banking infrastructure, cryptocurrency wallet services, and more,” the company announced in its press statement without revealing the identity of its partners so far.

However, the list will be published soon according to the announcement through a partnership directory. Two firms were, however, mentioned in the presser including Carahsoft which serves as Chainalysis’s Master Government Aggregator™ and Singapore-based M.Tech, a cyber-security and network performance solutions provider.

Chainalysis’ head of revenue said in a statement that the company’s new partnership program:

“will amplify our already extensive reach across jurisdictions where we provide the investigative and compliance technology the cryptocurrency ecosystem needs to fully understand blockchain activity.”

Carahsoft Manager Lacey Wean added that “Chainalysis is the market leader in blockchain analysis, and we are thrilled to work with our reseller partners to provide greater access to their investigative tools.”

In the Asian Pacific region, the seems to be an increasing demand for blockchain analytics software and services from law enforcement agencies according to Rayson Lim who is the CEO of M.Tech.

“Our partnership with a top tier company like Chainalysis will help fill this demand,” he said.

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