Celo Blockchain Selects Optimism’s OP Stack for Game-Changing Layer-2 Network

Celo Blockchain Selects Optimism's OP Stack for Game-Changing Layer-2 Network
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  • cLabs proposal to migrate Celo to an Ethereum layer 2 using OP Stack.
  • Special anniversary of the mainnet launch.
  • Invitation to participate in the discussion of the proposal at the forum and in a community call on May 2.

Since its launch four years ago, the Celo mainnet has been a space for innovation in the blockchain ecosystem.

Recently, cLabs has proposed a major migration for Celo: moving to a layer 2 of Ethereum using OP Stack technology.

This proposal, announced within the framework of the fourth anniversary of the launch of the Celo mainnet, seeks to take advantage of the advantages and potential growth offered by Ethereum and its community.

The idea is to accelerate the deployment capacity of a layer 2, allowing developers and users to benefit from the Optimism ecosystem, which has demonstrated its solidity and compatibility with various blockchain chains.

One of the strengths of the proposal is the alignment with the Ethereum vision and roadmap, ensuring the integration of innovative Celo features within a robust and constantly evolving environment.

This not only benefits the community by staying close to the core of Ethereum, but also encourages deeper collaboration between both communities, thus boosting growth and mutual adoption.

The detailed analysis of the proposal highlights the speed and simplicity in migrating to Ethereum Layer 2 using OP Stack.

This approach minimizes risk and downtime, which is crucial to maintaining the continuity of applications and contracts deployed on the network.

Additionally, the proposal highlights the technical strength and maturity of the Optimism project, ensuring a stable and reliable environment for developers and users.

Celo Blockchain chooses Optimism's OP Stack for a revolutionary layer 2 network

Transparency and participation are fundamental pillars in this Celo process

The community is invited to actively participate in the discussion and provide their comments and suggestions in the Celo forum and in the community call scheduled for May 2.

This commitment to transparency and inclusion reflects the importance that cLabs and the community place on collaborative and consensual decision-making.

Celo’s proposed migration to Ethereum layer 2 via OP Stack represents a significant step forward for the ecosystem.

By aligning closely with Ethereum and leveraging proven and efficient technologies, this initiative promises to strengthen infrastructure and capabilities, paving the way for a more scalable, secure and collaborative future in the blockchain world.


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